Date: 2009-04-13 04:57 am (UTC)
Wellll, in that case, sure~ ♫

Not that it should be relevant, but I'm currently getting my ass handed to me, art-wise by my friend who's 9 years my junior (I think she's a prodigy). XD Wish I could have built up my resumé at a much earlier time. [/pettiness?]

(Also, just because I have overthought this matter on my own many MANY times while making the drive home from school at night, the "being 17 in my era (and retaining my experience)" option would be off-putting because, um, my very first thought would be "Shouldn't I immediately go warn the US Government of an impending terrorist attack on American soil?" Followed by trying to stop every other natural disaster and human blunder for the next couple of years... other words: say 'hi' to Cassandra for me in the mental ward, will ya? :\)
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