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Feel free to explain your answers in the comments. Also, you can't be like, "But I don't want to give up my driver's license and ability to drink in bars." I mean, DUH. But let's answer the question here, right?

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The make or break qualifier, for me, is whether or not I'm allowed to retain the experience I've gained in the last 10 years, while being physically 17. :<

I'd rather not be 17 again if only because I was an idiot then. And had I to do it over without the experience, I'd be an idiot again. ¦3

From: [identity profile] orangesparks.livejournal.com

Technology, yo. I'd have seen so many more movies and discovered so much more music if the amazingly fast internet piracy we have today had been then.

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Hmm. The internet is better than it was in the 90s, but when I compare my teenage life to that of my kids (granted, there are all sorts of other differences: class, geography, ethnicity, and so on), I definitely had it better. I was afforded far more freedom and treated much more like an adult, and I'm pretty sure I had a better education.

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17 was literally the best year of my life. I'm 31 and I still haven't even come close to having a year as good as 1997 was. Plus that's when I made the retarded decision to drop out of high school so I could get my own apt away from my folks. That decision singlehandedly ruined the next 10 years of my life financially and put me in the position I'm in now, where I'm 31 and only beginning to train for a career.

I'd hate to be 17 now. It was tough enough being an awkward fatty when there was no Myspace or Facebook for people to mock you on, and from what I see in my cousins, girls I would consider "in costume as prostitutes" are now considered demure, so my army-pants-and-tori-tshirts dily uniform wouldve made me look like some kind of Mormon.

From: [identity profile] sasha-bee.livejournal.com

Now, because with my 36-year-old brain in the body of a 17 year old I could get ahead of the curve on technology.
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From: [identity profile] htbthomas.livejournal.com

That's a hard question for me, 'cause I could have gone either way. I had a fun year when I was 17, but I am too bound by technology to want to go bad to pre-internet days. Is that sad?


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