Man, this sucks.

Although it doesn't really affect my life because I don't read the newspaper comics. Hell, I haven't read the new Marvel comics for ... awhile now. Mostly because my job was keeping me preoccupied so I had to drop comics even before One More Day/Brand New Day came out. So I didn't really contribute to the "vote with my wallet" initiative. I suspect they don't care about money anyway, given how adamant Quesada was about this.

My boyfriend has been whining to me about my Marvel apathy. (I taught him the term "harshing my squee" and now he says that to me all the time.) But at least that's pretty much all it is: apathy. I don't want to play the "you have a responsibility to buy the books you like" game anymore. And I'm not going to get excited about these big crossover events only to have them come out late and be annoying. I can still squee, even if most of that squee has been taken up getting excited over a comic that came out when I was 1-years-old. I just, don't feel it for Marvel much anymore, I'm afraid.

And while I'm complaining, I just want to say this: Peter Parker should have never married Gwen Stacy. Actually, scratch that. GWEN STACY should have never married Peter Parker because she threw herself at him and he was a total prick to her. Right before her death he thought she was cheating on him with Flash. That relationship sucked, sucked, SUUUUU-CKED.
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