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( Dec. 6th, 2008 09:52 am)

I really like a lot of what I read of Wilde, but his poems ... I can't figure out if they're too obscure or I'm not educated enough. And sometimes they make me feel guilty I'm not reading more Keats. I'm the worst Keats fan ever.

I like parts of it, though. Especially the beginning and the end. And the personifications of Sin and Greed and stuff.
In my day if we wanted to kill a woman we'd just turn into giant skeletal hands and SQUEEZE!

I can't believe I watched all that. Especially into when they got all 3-D ... that doesn't look as fun. Of course, I spent most of my experience with Mortal Kombat watching others play and not actually playing myself. I think when I actually got to play MK3 myself I went, "Bah! Too hard!" and moved on. (Although I could do Mileena's moves, because they usually consisted of "hold down key for two seconds and throw your sais." That only got me past three people, though.)

But yeah ... looking back I remember the conventional wisdom, even among some of the gamers who wrote into those magazines seemed to be that the fatalities were horrific and nausea inducing (although somehow also cool). Now ... they just look ridiculous ... a little gross, especially with the detailed intestines, but mostly ridiculous. And I think around MK3 they were deliberately trying to make them look ridiculous.

And I just wonder if why all these people have such godlike powers that they can morph into animals or grow into giants why did they wait to do these moves until their opponent was useless. I mean, that's just kind of obnoxious.

This seems like a good opportunity to say that I haven't played my Nintendo DS since I got decently far into Cooking Mama and then promptly got real world guilt. ("I could be ACTUALLY COOKING." -- And no, Phoenix Wright does not make me want to be a lawyer and Sonic Rush doesn't actually make me want to turn into a little ball and collect rings. Knock it off. :-P) I haven't played it much since.

BUT -- I am happy that I got the assignment to cover the new video game store in town. I'm the one who would appreciate it the most out of everyone in the office.

More and unrelated stuff about Charles Dickens and poetry down here )


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