Me: [surfing surfing surfing ... finds this list.]

Me: Ooooh ... well, I have some of those at least. Where's the original?

[Finds it.]

Me: Ah ... the snooty list. Well, at least I have #40 (and others). Mmmm ... but this list slightly depresses me. It seems even when you go to the far quality corners of comics, you still run up against the white, male, straight monolith. That's kind of a drag.

[surf surf surf ... finds THIS! (occasionally NSFW)]

Me: ... oooooooh.

[reads everything tonight]

Me: Yay! Yay! ... Hey, wait a minute! [flips through "True Porn 2" trade, gasps!] I KNOW THIS ARTIST! I LOVED HER BIT! SHE IS STILL GOOD! :D :D :D Yaaaaaaay!

(I have a long love-hate relationship with webcomics, so this is really significant. I'll tell you guys about it later.)


I also watched the huge-ass Lynda Carter Wonder Woman pilot and it was great. You heard me, great. I loved it. I'm not going to be all "I loved it, but it was campy" or say I love it because it's stupid. No, I genuinely like it and found it really satisfying. Yeah, it's not incredibly sophisticated or serious, but it's not half as corny as that Live-Action Sailor Moon that I watched every episode of. (Even when my Windows Media player decided to play most of it in Pause-O-Vision for the last half of the season.) My only major complaints were the Nazi scenes were kind of boring and the fight choreography kind of sucks but I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series. YAY!

(Ironically, I've got a cold and embarrassing pains that made it hard to walk at one point today. Still a good day to be a comic fan, though.)


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