Finished Shock Treatment. It was incoherent. Which wouldn't necessarily be a killer, considering that when you really think about it the plot of Rocky Horror doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But this took out 98% of the sexual stuff and 75% of the fun of its predecessor, leaving a pretty bland cheese. The cheese becomes even more tasteless when you consider Farley Flavors is also the most boring villain ever.

Weirdly enough though, Cliff de Young made a great Brad Majors. Jessica Harper ... eh ... I warmed up to her in the end but it was really hard to process her as Janet Weiss-Majors. Actually, this is the second time I've had trouble with a non-Susan Sarandon Janet, which is weird, because you wouldn't think that role would NEED a certain actor. But I've had an easier time with the non-Curry Frank N Furter I saw at the stage show than I did with their version of Janet. I guess I'm just really attached to Susan Sarandon's "ingenue but funny" interpretation. The girl at the stage show played her as a prissy bitch and I ended up hating her. Jessica Harper isn't a bad actress, but ... she's not Janet. No part of her performance "feels" like Janet to me. And ... this is so weird but ... it was so hard to process her as Janet too because her voice is DEEP. And Susan Sarandon's is ... not. MY BRAIN WON'T COMPUTE.

I really liked Richard O'Brien's character in this film. And Little Nell. Especially because she spends her few lines in the film talking funny and wearing no pants. Okay, so she did that in Rocky Horror but ... I DON'T KNOW. I really dig it this time around.

Actually, hell. I'll just post every worthwhile part of the movie below the cut. Do NOT take this as an indicator of the quality of the whole movie. Just enjoy these and pretend nothing else exists.

The film takes place in a town-turned-TV-show. Because this was years before reality TV, people see this as brilliant satire, but the whole "not making sense" tends to get in the way of that. Although I have to tell you this is kind of fun and makes you almost believe them.

I really do think that Richard O'Brien just made up some kooky songs and tried to build a movie around it, with minimal success. In this scene, Brad and Janet fight while making reference to different household appliances. It works a lot better than you would think.

Little Black Dress is pretty hot. I think I heard a theory that Frank N Furter may have sung this in a direct sequel that was scrapped. I could see it.

And Shock Treatment is my favorite song. Especially since it has Richard O'Brien acting like a crazy person and Little Nell CLIMBING ON THE CAGE IN NO PANTS! This is awesome! And ... unfortunately makes the movie look like far more fun than it actually is. Oh, well.

Patricia Quinn is pretty hot, too. You know, Magenta used to be my favorite character, but now I realize that's kind of stupid. I mean, she only has -- what? Three lines in the show? I think I only liked her because she didn't do anything dumb like Columbia and Janet, and you could dress as her as the show and still cover your boobs and ass. What a coward I was, having Magenta as my favorite character. [shakes her head]

You know what? I think we all need a palette cleanser, amirite?

"And God said, let there be lips ... and they were much better than that other movie."
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