So, yesterday I started cleaning my old room, which basically means I had to re-do my book collection and ... well, despite having two I need more bookcases. I was actually able to get most of what I had and read on the shelves and I'm going to use the cardboard box for the unread stuff ... for now. The problem now gets to be WHERE do I put these bookcases. And why the hell did I buy so many books? I only read 80 a year, apparently. I DO NOT NEED 100 NEW BOOKS. Hell, this one time I only had 40 new books to read but ... [sigh]

Oh, and I think I need another DVD shelf, too. Like, badly. Like, I have a whole stack of DVDs that is BIGGER THAN MY SHELF. And possibly something for CDs ... I'm not big on music. I have no idea where to PUT all this stuff now, though. :-/ I've really got limited wall space in my room.

I am proud for the work I did yesterday, nevertheless. I was able to move most of my furniture by myself. The only exception was the bed, but Mark was able to help me and was (mostly) okay with that.

Stuff I Discovered in my Room:
- Advice I wrote down at a job fair on how to break into the journalism business. (Haaaaa ...)
- Old art supplies. I even found my own Prismacolor pencils in my closet. @_@
- Sandman Vol. 3 in a collection of Marvel: Civil War floppy comics. This is a great thing as if Mark had given that comic to one of his friends my inner 16-year-old would have cried for three hours.

I also picked out a lot of books/DVDs/VHS tapes to get rid of, although I'm not sure how. I'm at the point where, since I don't want to acquire too much more stuff, Bookmooch would really be an expense at this point. I could sell a few things on eBay (like the anime boxsets, even though I'm pretty sure Two Guys Stand in a Field with their Hair Blowing in the Wind While the Voiceover Explains Something About Demons ... um, I mean Mirage of Blaze would only net me about $5) but that wouldn't account for a lot. Some things I don't mind giving away to family. Others ... meh. It feels like stuff like the graphic novels I don't want anymore SHOULD be mooched because that may be the only way people want them but ... bah.

How much do you think I'd get if I put all my anime VHS tapes in a pack together? Like $5? Would it be worth the hassle of shipping?

In other news, I'm finding a lot of joy from others' pain courtesy of [ profile] the_red_shoes, who is reading the Jasper Fforde books and thus saving me money, time and pain. Yay for her.
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