Okay, so, I bought THREE Watchmen toys tonight. And I had planned to do this big story with my Watchmen toys and act out crazy hijinks but um ... these dolls are like, not meant to be played with. :-( I guess that makes sense, given that multiple joints of articulation are for, like, children and Watchmen isn't for children, but ... yeah, these dollies are pretty much made for standing on your desk and collecting dust. :-(

Rorschach can move his arms (YAY!) and one of his hands can be replaced with a hand that holds a grappling hook (Eh ... just means something to get lost, but okay). But his trenchcoat is basically solid plastic when you look underneath, so all you can really do is move his disembodied legs from side to side, but there's no reason to do that, as then he'll NEVER be able to stand up. Blech.

Silk Spectre II isn't much better, although her pointed, heeled feet are rather cute, if a bit scary. She can also move her arms like Rorschach but ... that's it. No knee articulation, just swirls around at the thighs. Can't bend over. Boo. Also SHE HAS TINY NIPPLES. I'm serious. It's crazy.

Nite Owl II is what I thought the others would be like. He can move his knees, bend at the waist, move at the arms and elbows. Basically ACT LIKE A DOLL. You can also turn his head around which, while somewhat disturbing, is actually rather owl-like. Also, his crescent moon comes off, although I don't know why you would want to do that, because it's not like he can hold it.

So ... yeah, these could have been better. Although it's not totally impossible to make them look silly and thus, fun.


"As the Not-Mod Squad celebrates their victory, the benevolent spirit of America looks on, bringing her sideways-message of hope."

And yes, that's Rorschach's disembodied hand down there.

Oh well. At least I can have them group hug. And have Nite Owl touch Rorschach's ass.


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