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( Feb. 14th, 2009 06:25 pm)
So I figured I'd stop by and write. Since most of my day was surf/write/nap. Although I did manage to clean my bathroom a bit. I'm kind of afraid of going out. Mostly because I'll lose money, but also because I don't want to run into V-Day crowds. Although I think I may stop at a store and pick up some green M&Ms, because I think that's hilarious.

Tomorrow I want to see Coraline early and throw away the TV my Dad gave me.

Anyway, random things I'm thinking about.


Since I'm not (vaguely) reporting on it anymore, I feel good about saying this. I don't think the stimulus check is going to be as helpful as everyone thinks it is, at least infrastructure-wise. Not that I think it'll build bridges to nowhere, but I do think it'll basically create jobs for the loyal pet contractors a certain municipality/county uses all the time and would continue to use with limited funds. And sometimes these local things get federal money anyway. It feels kind of like some gauze, but not enough to quell the wound.


Things I learned from My Job:
1.) Don't Buy A House in a Development. It always ends bad.
2.) When Someone Does Something Wrong and They Didn't Mean It, They'll Have an Explanation for Why They Did It. But If They're Defensive, They're a Criminal. (See: Blagojevich, Rod.)
3.) Never Give Up.
4.) Unpreparedness is Worse Than Tardiness. If you have to pick one, pick the latter.


I'm not big on this Fanboys movie, because "my fandom is better than yours" is something that bores me enough in real life and I don't need to see it as a movie re: The Star Wars vs. Star Trek scene. Ebert's review was crazy-harsh, though. Especially considering I saw a picture of his desk in a Russ Meyer doc and it basically WAS The Nerd Desk (TM).


Speaking of which, my Wonder Woman and my Donna Troy Wonder Woman are home now. Still haven't taken them out of the boxes, though.

Okay, eating time.


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