How did I not hear about this controversy? (Picture here.) Or is it not a controversy but just something Wills made up? Whatever. You're all fired.*

I would have gone with "Loch Ness Monster" too, actually.

I kind of want to rant about some annoying buzzkill "Watchmen will suck and if you're excited you suck" pre-movie downers, but I don't feel like it and it's really not more deep than "Man, why you have to ruin my fun?"

Still, I resent the implication that because I'm looking forward to this I don't think deeply about the book and probably skipped the text sections or whatever. Bah. Also, Jesus, do you know how often Hollywood fucks up all-text classics? Like maybe how the most famous version of Wuthering Heights cut out half the book? Come on, now.

*The LoEG fandom is hiring. OMG! Part one of Century comes out in April. ARE YOU EXCITED? I AM TOTALLY EXCITED!


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