Secret Life of Bees page 59:

I waited till she got to her feet, a long, unbelievable process of grunts and moans and limbs coming to life.

"What did you dream?" I asked when she was upright.

She gazed at the treetops, rubbing her elbows. "Well, let's see. I dreamed the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., knelt down and painted my toenails with the spit from his mouth, and every nail was red like he'd been sucking on red hots."


I MEAN COME ON!!!! Who the hell looked at MLK's magic Max Factor spit and went, "Yep! That is totally profound and not silly at all. You go for it, Kidd!"

I am so going to crack by page 150 ...
The main character is wonderful and virtuous and whimsical and her dad hates her so much he mocks her when she reads Shakespeare and WON'T LET HER HAVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!

This is going to hurt, yo.


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