Still without Internet. :-( Been playing Ace Attorney 2 ([sigh] Have to get used to that new series name ...) Second case very hard, but getting used to the psyche-lockes. Nearly every lawyer pings my admittedly-faulty gaydar. Except maybe Franziska. She'll ping it after she gets over being still-emotionally 13 with her "I'm imitating Daddy!" followed by tantrums. I still like her, though. And I still don't like Maya very much. Don't hate her but ... don't much care for her. Ema I liked a little better, though.

Read Angela's Ashes ... it's one of those books I want to use to beat over the head of people who are like, "Women were happier when they had limited economic options!" The other one is The Prize-Winner of Defiance, Ohio. Lovely writing, anyway. Will read the second and possibly third.

Read Left Hand of Darkness. See why people think it's boring. Hate to be Colbert, but all head, little heart. Except for a bit at the end. Good worldbuilding. Good man vs. nature story. Deserves acclaim. Probably better than Russ. Still worth time.

Read Black Dossier. Climax weird. Gollywog use questionable. Otherwise extreme awesome. Collecting all (well, most) books referenced for reading. Made me happier than anything.

Finished Slayers Try. Was okay. Too much infodumping. Like characters.

Half-way through Noir. It is good. I keep getting bored.

Apartment: Mouse shit pile on chips ahoy box. Breadstuffs now in fridge. Bed has proper bedding except dust ruffle thingie. Hot water fixed. Leaky ceiling not fixed. Watching Evening Harder repeatedly as I do chores. Kevin Smith: Sold Out must come out or QP go crazy.

Still infected. Reduced sugar intake. Realized addicted. Only eating half-cookies now. Getting better.

Need more yogurt. Don't feel much like eating. Web sites say don't eat bread. Or cheese. Or mushrooms. Or fruit. Or drink milk. Or tea. Or soda. Or fruit juice. Wish they just said "drink only water." Much simpler.

Don't feel much like exercising. Don't feel much like doing anything. Must save Maya or Japanifornia legal system will kill her.

Dad has gift. Mom has gift, but the cover is missing. Smite.

Everything a half-hour away in new place. Lame.

Like laundromat. Drying take 30 minutes. All other times hour. Hurrah!

Okay, bye.
(Had to live up to my name once. Anyhoo ...)

Last night a gross smell, something like plastic burning, started coming from my vents, and so I turned it off ... it's still here tonight, so now I'm using my fan. But it's really hot and the fan does next to nothing and ... urgh.

I feel a little better after the cold shower, but I can tell this will be one of those crappy, barely sleeping nights. The fact that my electric bill jumped $30 higher seems to be adding insult to injury.

But whine whine whine ... I'll call the office tomorrow.

Meh, I wanted to write about how I had fun shopping for presents for a lot of people's birthdays and how I was able to get to three places nowhere near each other without getting lost, and how awesome my little copy of Wuthering Heights is because it is SMALL and it will make me blind but it is still SMALL and SQUEE but ... meh. Not into it so much.


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