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2009-04-30 12:21 pm

Oh, the problems of the first world dipshit who lives with her parents ...

I'm so disappointed ...

I'm so depressed ...

I want so much more out of life ...


I mean, it's like, DONE. People have read it. People have put it up for review. It's not like Kevin O'Neill is still taking forever drawing it. Alan Moore, that big bearded blabbermouth, has an enormous interview talking ALL ABOUT THAT and teasing me to no end on Newsarama. It's ready. WHY IS IT NOT IN MY HANDS?

And why am I so upset about this? I mean, it's a published fanfic, based on works that are published. Not only are they in the stores, not only are they in the library, THEY ARE IN MY GODDAMNED ROOM.

I have The Invisible Man and 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the primary docs for two of the main characters in book one and two, in my room. I haven't read it. I could read that now.

I have War of the Worlds, which the whole second book was based on, in my room. I haven't read it. I could read THAT now.

I also have The Island of Dr. Moreau (Vol. 2), The Pearl (Vol. 1), The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Vol. 1), Moby Dick (Vol. 1), Don Quixote (Black Dossier), The Thirty Nine Steps (Black Dossier), Gulliver's Travels (Black Dossier), Fanny Hill (Black Dossier), Herland (okay, brief mention in the Almanac, but ...), The Coming Race (Black Dossier), The Iliad (Black Dossier), The Odyssey (Black Dossier) and Beowulf (Black Dossier). I could read ANY OF THOSE NOW. Many of them are probably MUCH BETTER than Century.

Hell, I am reading On the Road, which is referenced in the Dossier, RIGHT NOW. It is right next to me. I could just reach over and read it.

For all intents and purposes, I absolutely, positively, 100% do not need Century by any stretch of the imagination.


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2009-04-27 11:58 am
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Short Reviews

So, I saw I Love You, Man last Friday with my Dad and his boyfriend, because my brother thinks that Dad is exactly like Paul Rudd in the movie: someone who is only into their relationships and doesn't have any friends. And Dad thinks I'm like that ... I'm kind of thinking I fail in BOTH categories these days, though. Anyway, the movie was fun, even if it had the most random cast. J. Jonah Jameson as the Dad! The lady from 3rd Rock from the Sun as the mom! The "Jizz in my Pants" guy as the brother! The crazy guy from Superbad as the ... crazy guy! Still, I appreciated the movie for being a kind of low-key comedy, even it got very "Hollywood Third Act" at the end. It was fun, though.

I also read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and, well ... yeah. It's kind of what you expect from a book that's advertised on the basis of how IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE and not how good it is. If you can write "FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT" on a post-it note and re-read that constantly, you don't need to read The Alchemist. I didn't hate it, though. Maybe because I do need encouragement, and having just been to the Middle East the descriptions of the desert and the idea of going to the Pyramids made me a little nostalgic. Or maybe I was just in a "Well, I'm glad I'm reading something" mood. Otherwise I'd be putting more energy into the rant I'm doing right now about how frustrating it is that the book says follow your dreams, even if love has to wait, and the female character/love interest says "My dream is to be your wife, so I will wait for you. It's cool, I'm a desert woman. I am meant to wait for my man while he goes on adventures." Blech. But I'm sure all the women who read this don't think about it because the book places you to identify with Santiago and that's kind of a problem in of itself.

But, really, I'm not that excited about getting mad about this book. I don't know what it is. Apathy, perhaps. Or maybe The Good Mother just drained me.
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2009-04-23 10:27 am
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The Good Mother is the Anti-The Awakening

You know how usually whenever a feminist complains about something in pop culture people are like, "Oh, you're just looking for things to be offended about!"? Actually, I find whenever something pisses me off it's not because I went in expecting to hate it. It's because I expected to love it and its sexism slapped me in the face. Usually when I'm prepared for sexism I end up going, "Hey, that wasn't bad at all!" This may be why I ended up loving Iron Man and Superbad -- which I went into wearing my critical feminist goggles -- but came out of The Dark Knight and Slumdog Millionaire -- which were advertised as practically perfect in every way -- fuming over the poor treatment of their female characters.

Okay, to my credit the reason why I like the first two movies and not the other two may have more to do with characters being specifically coded as jackasses and over-reliance on cliches but ANYWAY. My point is if I'm looking for your work to do badly I may end up viewing it more charitably in the end. I kind of went into The Good Mother by Sue Miller with bad expectations, as Susan Faludi called its movie version a piece of "backlash moviemaking." Still, I thought the premise, or at least the premise as I understood it, of what to do when the man you love does something bad to your kid was interesting. But, sigh, Faludi ended up being right. Very, very right.

Spoilers Abound for both The Good Mother and The Awakening )
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2009-04-22 11:57 am
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Review: Parallel Lives: Five Victorian Marriages

I'm not quite ready to deliver ye olde righteous smackdown onto The Good Mother yet, because I'm re-reading another book I had to read in high school for comparison (and -- while I still don't believe in its conclusions, it's a WHOLE lot better this time around). But I don't feel quite like going to work on job searching or therapist-hunting after the unemployment debacle today, I'm going to write about a book I read while also reading Kushiel's Chosen.

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*"Mac" instead of "Mc" because she's Scottish, you know?
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2009-04-20 10:34 pm
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Quick question:

Why does Guilty Pleasures take Marvel 12 issues to adapt but Pride and Prejudice only takes five?

Also, why do all of the Bennet sisters have that Greg Land-esque "please jizz in my mouth" face? Hell, Mrs. Bennet kind of has it. Ew.

Also, that shouldn't bother me more than the horrible, condescending cover but it does.
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2009-04-19 11:50 pm
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The Good Mother: A Short Review

Fuck that stupid, slut-shaming turd of a book.

Longer review later.
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2009-04-18 08:31 am
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Kushiel rod and weal, blah blah blah ...

I think I'm officially a "fan" of the Kushiel/Terre D'Ange/whatever series, now. I mean, there was so much I didn't like about Kushiel's Chosen, the second part of Jacqueline Carey's first trilogy. Some parts even offended me, but I've invested what's now more than 1,500 pages into these characters so I guess I'm just going to see where this is going. At least until the next book. I'm not sure if I give a crap about the kid in the second trilogy. All this means is I don't weigh things anymore on the "good or bad" scale but on the "What made me happy and what pissed me off?" scale.

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2009-04-04 07:37 pm
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So Mom has Internet control and, because the books I'm currently reading offer me a choice between consistent irritation (in the case of Kushiel's Chosen) and OH MY GOD SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP (Universe X Vol. 1) I started writing more of my fanfic and was like, "Dudes, I totally need a cameo by a 1970s feminist." So I dusted off my old History of Feminism textbook (While I'm thinking of it, why didn't I keep the one about feminisms in other countries? I'm so stupid ...) and was scanning through the excerpts of the works of Robin Morgan and Susan Brownmiller (one of whom will be in the fic ... I sort of WANT it to be Morgan, because her writing is like the left-wing, feminist version of "The New Frontiersmen" and that makes me inappropriately gleeful, but Brownmiller is more popular and probably makes more sense in the long run ...).

Then I decided that required too much thought and I picked up my copy of Female Chauvinist Pigs and read my favorite parts while I was at the laundromat cleaning my comforter. (And just realized that Morgan blurbed the book. w00t!) This didn't really help with anything but that book always energizes me even as it makes me re-assess myself as a feminist and a woman.

I tried to look for clips of Morgan and Brownmiller on YouTube. Didn't find much of anything, but I found some of Ariel Levy. Then I found that she was put on a playlist of a person's "Favorite Women" and one of them included Motherfucking Camille Paglia.

And I'm like, "Rebecca, don't watch. Don't watch, you're just going to get upset." But then I was like, "Aw, it can't possibly be any stupider than what she said about date rape," which are quite possibly THE WORST LAST WORDS IN THE UNIVERSE but I clicked anyway.

Paglia: "I think students have sex with their teachers because there is far too much of a friendly atmosphere between teachers and students. I think this is a part of the therapy culture."

These days I react to Camille Paglia with a sort of fascinated embarrassment. She's like that person who you used to be really into and now that you're broken up you're like, "What did I see in you? Why did I like you? WHY?" Her and Christina Hoff Summers. Although Summers is more like that person who seemed really nice until you learned she liked to shill for conservative fake feminism steal cars on the weekend.

... Those metaphors suck. Sorry.

Anyway, dissident/conservative/backlash feminism was an embarrassing time of my life and I'm glad I'm mostly past that ... at least I hope.

I should probably read some more feminism books, but um ... er ... well, I just have to take a picture of my book piles soon, because that shit is just SAD. Anyway, I think I only have Vindication of the Rights of Women in there, but maybe I should bust it out and read it soon.
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2009-03-21 05:34 pm
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Because I needed another Watchmen icon. And another reading icon.

So, since ... gee, God knows how long, I've been reading Dickens by Peter Ackroyd. LibraryThing has a rather messed up entry on it. The reason for this is that there are three basic editions: a more than 1,000-page monster, an around 600-page abridged still-monster and a 200-page glossy coffee table book that probably shouldn't be considered the same work, IMO.

Because I consider myself a Dickens nerd, I scoured eBay for the 1,000-pager, eager to learn all there was to know. Granted, I knew Ackroyd had a belief about Dickens' life that I don't agree with, but more on that later. I also knew he read every Dickens work two or three times, as well as every bit of writing that could be found on Dickens. For that level of research itself, I wanted to see what Ackroyd had to offer.

In the end, while I'm glad I DID read it, overall it wasn't quite what I'd wanted out of such a massive Dickens biography.

Wherein I talk about Dickens' life like it's common knowledge, and also far too much about Charles Dickens' sex life and fistulas. )
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2009-03-02 08:07 am
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Maybe it's good I'm moving back home.

I don't seem to do anything useful by myself. Of course, I've only been up for an hour or so. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I don't get it, though. I got sleepy REALLY SUDDENLY at 11 p.m. or so and then only slept for like, six and a half hours.

Yesterday was okay. I made a Rorschach mask and bought a hat, plus a sunhat for Israel. Now that I have this stuff I feel like I'm mostly ready, even if I haven't started packing and am afraid I'm going to forget something really important, like my passport. I also did ironing for my clothes that I used to wear to work. We'll see what happens.

I'm reading a lot. Short stories from The Best American Short Stories 1998 (So far, Garrison Keillor has much better taste than Sue Miller -- well, the latter picked Alice Munro, so there you go.). More of Dickens, which has kind of turned around now that he had his affair. And Infodump: The Graphic Novel ... er, Earth X. (BTW, if the latter alternate reality takes place during a food shortage, why are so many of the ex-superheroes fat?)

By the way, since I'm so behind, here are some bare-bones thoughts on what I've read and watched this year.

Reviews )
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2009-02-24 09:01 am
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I don't know why I'm using this icon, actually ...

So, yesterday I started cleaning my old room, which basically means I had to re-do my book collection and ... well, despite having two I need more bookcases. I was actually able to get most of what I had and read on the shelves and I'm going to use the cardboard box for the unread stuff ... for now. The problem now gets to be WHERE do I put these bookcases. And why the hell did I buy so many books? I only read 80 a year, apparently. I DO NOT NEED 100 NEW BOOKS. Hell, this one time I only had 40 new books to read but ... [sigh]

Oh, and I think I need another DVD shelf, too. Like, badly. Like, I have a whole stack of DVDs that is BIGGER THAN MY SHELF. And possibly something for CDs ... I'm not big on music. I have no idea where to PUT all this stuff now, though. :-/ I've really got limited wall space in my room.

I am proud for the work I did yesterday, nevertheless. I was able to move most of my furniture by myself. The only exception was the bed, but Mark was able to help me and was (mostly) okay with that.

Stuff I Discovered in my Room:
- Advice I wrote down at a job fair on how to break into the journalism business. (Haaaaa ...)
- Old art supplies. I even found my own Prismacolor pencils in my closet. @_@
- Sandman Vol. 3 in a collection of Marvel: Civil War floppy comics. This is a great thing as if Mark had given that comic to one of his friends my inner 16-year-old would have cried for three hours.

I also picked out a lot of books/DVDs/VHS tapes to get rid of, although I'm not sure how. I'm at the point where, since I don't want to acquire too much more stuff, Bookmooch would really be an expense at this point. I could sell a few things on eBay (like the anime boxsets, even though I'm pretty sure Two Guys Stand in a Field with their Hair Blowing in the Wind While the Voiceover Explains Something About Demons ... um, I mean Mirage of Blaze would only net me about $5) but that wouldn't account for a lot. Some things I don't mind giving away to family. Others ... meh. It feels like stuff like the graphic novels I don't want anymore SHOULD be mooched because that may be the only way people want them but ... bah.

How much do you think I'd get if I put all my anime VHS tapes in a pack together? Like $5? Would it be worth the hassle of shipping?

In other news, I'm finding a lot of joy from others' pain courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] the_red_shoes, who is reading the Jasper Fforde books and thus saving me money, time and pain. Yay for her.
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2009-02-22 10:19 pm
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2009-01-30 08:32 am
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Random thoughts

Read another Mr. A story. I kind of love this stuff in that lulzy way that you're not supposed to love Objectivist stories because Objectivism is SERIOUS BIZNESS and all that. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. The huge speeches! The OMG IRONIC character names! The strawvillains with their thought processes and character motivations that make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! It is wonderful, you guys! Wonderful! Why do I keep using explanation points?

Also, the recent story made me revise my opinion of Mr. A as one of those guys who are an average lover but are convinced that you sucking their dick is the best thing that ever happened to you. Nah, I was too hasty: He is a big, stonking VIRGIN. More on this later. Possibly with pictures.


I bought Darwyn Cooke's Will Eisner's The Spirit (hee) Vol. 1 today at the local comic book store, as well as bit the bullet and special ordered Earth X. (Yes, I know the latter isn't good but ... look, I have my reasons. Leave me alone!) Then I got in a fifteen-minute talk with the (female) store owner about a lot of different comics, most of them centering around Alan Moore's work and Obama's guest appearances. (She also tells me I'm far too prejudiced against 300 and it's really good even if a lot of Miller's stuff is crap.) I really liked talking with her, but I was worry I'm being THAT GUY (only a female version) when I do this. At least I had enough foresight not to talk about fanfiction.


Speaking of Miller's crap, I don't want to read ASBAR, but I have to say I really love All-Star Batgirl's costume. Like, I love it so much I might want this action figure. I mean, it has adorable little charms. Come on! There's no sin in liking adorable little charms, is there? :-(


I finally passed the 700-page mark in Dickens. Now only the 800-page mark, 900-page mark, 1,000-page mark and done mark to go. [sigh] Is he going to have his affair yet, Ackroyd? Oh, I'm sorry, his NOT-AFFAIR where he left his wife for a 17-year-old who he didn't have sex with and they just, like, hung out and stuff because he adored her too much to have sex with her despite having 10 kids plus miscarriages with his ex-wife. (BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLSHIT.) At least something will happen. I'm tiring of hearing about his boring work on newspapers and where he went on vacation.


Points of View has some truly kickass stories despite having Alice Munro. The last few I read were just un-putdownable. "Act of Faith" and "Doby's Gone" especially.


Okay, I'm going to be late. Got to run.
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2009-01-25 11:44 pm
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2009-01-21 10:35 pm

I hate Alice Munro

I always seem to second-guess my opinions on literary fiction, especially short stories, ESPECIALLY short stories centered around suburban ennui -- stuff that usually involves characters doing something normal and then they're reminded of something else that made them feel totally crappy about themselves. If I ever don't like something, I worry if I just don't get it. And if I ever DO like something, I worry if it's because I have a need to be a pretentious snot and should really just pick up a comic book or something.

Of course, nobody will convince me that story where a woman fell in love with a cow (not THAT way) in the wake of her disappointing marriage wasn't awesome. Or that other story I read that was basically Titanic but gay and on the Hindenburg wasn't shit. (I'm serious about that last one. Shit. Trust me.) But other writers, like Annie Proulx, make me go back and forth along that second-guessing thing ("But weird writing style!" "But intriguing yet despicable characters!" "But they all have names like Sarah Palin's kids!" "But ... but ... Wyoming!").

I think that's why I withheld judgment on Alice Munro for as long as I did, especially since I seemed to get the sense that this woman is a Canadian national treasure and I may very well be an American idiot. But having read around ten or so of her stories, I finally feel confident in saying that I really, really, really hate this writer.
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2008-12-30 08:39 am

Not about the Watchmen fandom, for once ...

So ... I got a lot of books for Hannukah/Christmas now. HOW MANY BOOKS? THIS MANY!

Yeah, my taste is ... odd.

Those books, BTW, are the same amount of reference books I have. And that includes reference books for things that do not need references, like Spider-Man and Sandman comics.

Although it's still not as much as my books I really should finish list, which is kind of embarrassing.

Also got a couple of new things to watch:

Wonder Woman Season One (ROCK!)
3-Disc Anniversary Edition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Shock Treatment (I don't actually expect the latter to be any good, but I asked for this because I wanted an RHPS with special features, and my current copy didn't have any)
The Fall (Dad's idea)
Nocturna (and the soundtrack)
Diamond Daydreams

More exciting than my current watch list of Sabotage and the rest of Maria-sama ga Miteru. (Although I do love the latter. Also, I want a friend like Yoshino. I love how in the first OVA Yumi is invited to a party for the purpose of being humiliated and Yoshino's all "Don't go." Yoshino is awesome. I like the idea of her and Yumi being lesbian BFF.)

Boo, got to go to work, boo ...
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2008-12-28 08:37 am
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Book Review: Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women

One of my grand reading "plans" that I always seem to have but rarely goes anywhere is my "Read the Things I Studied in College" plan. (The other is my "Read the Books Mentioned in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.") It's not that I wouldn't have wanted to read these books during college, but we were usually assigned them in excerpted form in an anthology. Classes like Survey of Western Political Theory and History of Feminism were big on this, and both of them have interesting enough books that I've wanted to discover them in their unexpunged version.

Recently, I read one of the History of Feminism books: Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women. Written by Susan Faludi in the early 1990s, the book's central premise is that after the women's rights successes of the 1970s, various cultural forces congealed to form a "backlash" against women that succeeded in stopping their success, beginning a slow chip away at women's rights and blaming all of women's problems on feminism. I really like the title of the book, and its subtitle, although while reading the book I would sometimes amuse myself by thinking up alternate but still appropriate subtitles, like Backlash: I DON'T Love the '80s or Backlash: You Think Dubya Was Bad? REAGAN, Bitches! Although I don't know if Faludi would approve of my use of the word "Bitches!"
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2008-12-18 06:43 pm
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The rest of my review backlog ...

Inventing the Abbotts and Other StoriesRead more... )

The Secret Life of BeesRead more... )

Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture
Read more... )

The Lunatic Cafe
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2008-12-17 08:27 pm
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It occurs to me ...

That I have not written any book reviews in a LONG ASS TIME. Perhaps that should be remedied.

The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
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I'll write little bits about Inventing the Abbots and Other Stories, The Secret Life of Bees, Rapture Ready and The Lunatic Cafe later.
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2008-12-12 09:50 pm
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Luck in the Shadows

I just have one question ...

Request for spoilage )