1.) Just because she may be really cool on messageboards does not mean that Nora Roberts is suddenly good. Maybe I'm cynical because my non-SBTB forays into the romance novel world have all ended with me sick from the passive-aggressive and I sent the one Jennifer Cruise book I read off to Canada with nary a tear. But ... yeah. All it really does is make me think that Nora Roberts just has the same sort of evil doppelganger a la John Mayer where they've got great personalities but make cheesy art.

2.) The Twilight movie isn't going to sweep or even win a Razzie and I'll be surprised if it even gets a nomination. As much as reading and eviscerating the books has become an Internet phenomenon, Internet phenomenons don't often translate to meatspace. Kind of like how Snakes on a Plane was a huge thing online but didn't end up raking in much at the box office. As much as we love to yell, "CAMP CLASSIC! WHOOOOO!!!" I have a feeling most critics are going to look at this movie, call it stupid, and then call it a day like they did with Underworld and Blood and Chocolate. Critics like to sharpen their teeth on big, bloated vanity projects -- that was one of the reasons why Gigli got such a trouncing. I don't really think RPattz and KStew's bland moon-eyes are going to trigger the shark reactions here.

(Somebody tried to tell me, "But what about RPattz sparkling?" Oh, come on. As corny as it is, you could line the aisles of your local blockbuster with movies featuring bad special effects. Uwe Boll makes three when he goes to the bathroom and while he's gotten some nominations, he still has yet to win the prize.)

The Razzies tend to go for seeing huge celebrities fall and making a point out of sticking it in their faces. Look at their choices from the last eight years: I Know Who Killed Me, Basic Instinct 2, Dirty Love, Catwoman, Gigli, Swept Away, Freddy Got Fingered, and Battlefield Earth. Pretty much all of those are an example of a huge star falling flat on their faces. The two with lesser-known stars (Jenny McCartney in Dirty Love and Tom Green in Freddy Got Fingered), the stars basically get their first big chance and blow it on unfunny gross-out comedies. A lot of them are also exploitative in some way, too.

Plus, consider this: The Hottie and the Nottie starring Paris Hilton came out this year. Do you really think anyone's going to pick KStew over her?

3-10.) Ah, forget it. I just wanted to say the other two.
Considering Ebert hasn't been able to speak for two years now, this makes perfect sense.

I'm kind of glad they're moving on. Roeper and Phillips wasn't exactly entertaining enough to continue watching the show unless I was REALLY starved to hear a critic speak on a certain movie. Alas for the end of an era, though. :(


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