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( Apr. 14th, 2009 01:06 pm)
Thanks for voting in my "When would you rather be 17 again?" poll. I have to admit I thought you all would agree with me (because my Dad did, and I'm a bit of an egomaniac) but it seems like we're pretty split overall. That's cool. Everyone had really interesting answers.

The reason why I asked the question was because I always figured the reason we all think "Oh, it was so much better when I was young!" isn't so much because we want to have younger bodies or whatever but because we were seeing things through nostalgia. And I didn't really buy the 17 Again movie premise because ... man, why would you want your second experience of being 17 to involve listening to music you're not familiar with (I don't want to be a teen in the world of The Jonas Brothers, myself. Backstreet Boys and N'Sync was guilty-pleasure embarrassing enough without the weird abstinence message to it) and not being with your friends. But I guess associations of what it means to be 17 are different to others. And I can respect everyone who wants to have fun again, but with new toys this time.

But I think what I have truly learned is that Hollywood needs to make a new movie: one with [livejournal.com profile] 47nite as a plucky teen going back to the past so he can participate in a RACE AGAINST TIME to stop 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. I imagine that, due to Hollywood's racist casting, he'll be played by Shia LeBouf. Sorry, buddy.
[Poll #1382507]

Feel free to explain your answers in the comments. Also, you can't be like, "But I don't want to give up my driver's license and ability to drink in bars." I mean, DUH. But let's answer the question here, right?
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( Oct. 16th, 2008 10:02 pm)
[Poll #1280126]

ETA: Oh crap, I forgot my "Who is your favorite Scrooge?" question. Oh well, I haven't seen some of the best so I don't have a preference ... maybe it's for the best.

But Gonzo the great is the best Charles Dickens until I decide otherwise. :D

ETA 2: Fuck, I called "Airplane!" "Airport!" I'm such a dolt.
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( Jul. 31st, 2008 03:17 pm)
So I'm almost done with Wanted and unfortunately I don't like it, especially the art. I really want to explain why I don't like the art, but that might require pictures. Pictures with big red marks on them going "very poor, see me!"

I don't have a scanner ... my parents do, but it might take me awhile to get up there. But ... my anger is great. Would it be more in the moment to strike while the fires are hot?

Tell me what you think.

[Poll #1232908]

I insist this poll is only somewhat less stupid than the "Is my shirt awesome?" that LJ uses as an example.

EDIT: The votes have been cast! And ... made obsolete. I have acquired pictures through ancient, sekrit methods, and suited my computer up all GIMP-like and thus you shall soon have JG Jones art complete with hot pink teacher scrawl. I've got, like, 20 pics I want to fix up for you and I'm done with 19. Talk to you guys soon.

Aja - it's coming. No, really.


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