Today, Fred Clark of Slacktivist finished his five-year analysis of the Left Behind series. Here's a quote from his conclusion:

Left Behind fails as a novel for many, many reasons, but all of its other faults -- the odious lack of empathy it holds up as a moral example, its blasphemous celebration of self-centeredness masquerading as Christianity, its perverse misogyny, its plodding pace, its wooden dialogue, it fetishistic obsession with telephones, its nonexistent characterization, its use and misuse of cliches, its irrelevant tangents, deplorable politics, confused theology, unintentional hilarities, hideous sentences, contempt for craft, factual mistakes, continuity errors ... its squandering of every interesting premise and its overwhelming, relentless and mind-numbing dullness -- all of these seem to be failures of the sort that one might encounter in any other Very, Very Bad book hastily foisted off onto the public without a second glance.**

Any one of those faults, on its own, would have been enough to earn Left Behind a place on the Worst Books of 1995 list. The presence of all of those faults -- in a single book and in such concentrated form -- is more than enough to secure its place on a list of the Worst Books of All Time.

Yet the book's signature failure is something far simpler. Left Behind disproves the very thing it sets out to prove. It presents an inadvertent but irrefutable case for the unreality and impossibility of all of the events that Tim LaHaye claims are prophesied to occur at any moment.

Those events are not about to occur. They never will occur. They never can occur. Don't believe me? Go read Left Behind and see for yourself.

That signature failure, Left Behind's forceful refutation of itself, is what earns this book my vote as the Worst Book of All Time.

There's five years worth of backlog on this book, but it's great stuff. I read all of it this year and loved it and I recommend it to you, too. Start here, it's easier that way
quietprofanity: (I forgive LJ but WfI still sucks)
( Jul. 7th, 2007 08:28 am)
(See here for context.)

Dear Christian America,

This is yours.

This is NOT yours.

This is ALSO not yours.

You HAVE a fantasy series. Stop mutilating everyone else's.


A Jew who has learned to deal with not everything being written to her agenda.

P.S. Phillip Pullman, you are still a fucking sell-out. You make a big deal out of being the big bad atheist and badmouthing C.S. Lewis and writing blurbs for anti-God books and then when push comes to shove you throw away your atheist principles because "Hey! This will give me publicity for my books and more money!" You suck for that, dude. You seriously suck.


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