I kind of like how you can just cut off the end of it and everybody knows what you're talking about.


- Not the BEST KEVIN SMITH MOVIE EVER, but lots of fun. Also, the people who are like, "Well, he's not a good director." can suck it. This movie looks perfectly fine. What the hell do they want? Baz Luhrman?

- Jeff Anderson did pretty well for a non-Randal role. Actually, it was interesting to see a cast that was largely without the normal View Askew cast. Oh, and Jason Mewes as Lester was pretty cool, too. Granted, he wasn't that much different than Jay but they're all playing types. Right?

- Equal opportunity nudity. YAY! The three most beautiful words in the English language ...

- I thought it was refreshing how, instead of going for the "You're GAY? EW! Get off my package, man!" Zack thought it was cool and was all curious and asking questions. Okay, so "They fight like real people!" was a little offensive, but it was supposed to be a boneheaded statement. So many raunch comedies are homophobic. I like how Smith bucks the trend. And shows gay kissing. TWICE!

- I remember [livejournal.com profile] papajoemambo thinking Brandon Routh was maybe-gay a la Tom Cruise. Well, the good thing is Routh doesn't mind inviting the rumors with his role in this movie.

- Can you believe this was my first Seth Rogen experience? I like the guy.

- I liked Miri/Elizabeth Banks a lot, too. I feel like this is the first time Kevin Smith has had a fully-realized female protagonist. I mean, don't get me wrong, Alyssa from Chasing Amy and Becky from Clerks 2 were great, but Miri genuinely feels like the second half of the movie rather than just a very, very, very good "girlfriend" character. The script maybe would have worked with Rosario Dawson (the original choice) but I think it worked out pretty well in the end with Elizabeth Banks. Also, I want that interesting hat/scarf/blue jewelry combo she was wearing early in the movie.

- Film passed Bechdel's Law ... but only almost. Come on, Kevin! Do better!

- Er ... I realized just after I wrote that I forgot about Bethany from Dogma. And that movie DID pass Bechdel's Law by a wider margin. Ooops. First fully-realized female protagonist in a romantic comedy, then. I feel like she's a little more alive, anyway.

- Some lines from the trailer weren't in the movie. I wonder how that happened.

- I can't wait until more of my friends see it and we can talk about it. YAY!
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