Hi again. I just wanted to tell you guys I'm glad some of you read and enjoyed my review. It was an interesting experiment to write for long hours when not at work. Difficult, but interesting. And I'd like to keep it up, if possible. (First NaNoWriMo, then I have an idea for starting a review series on this blog. Tentative title: "Is it Sexist?")

But anyhow, I wanted to share a few things I found during/recently related to the review.

- There is apparently a conservative commentator named Michael Malone.

- I really love Sarah Vowell's PopHistory, and hoped I was doing some PopLitCrit with what I did, albeit on a MUCH smaller scale. While wasting time writing the article I peeped out this awesome video. But I think this one is a little bit more relevant to our interests.

- I feel a little bad that while all of the Alastair Sim and George C. Scott Christmas Carols I've seen on my research, I have fond memories of A Muppet Christmas Carol. Norrie Epstein was really down on this movie in The Friendly Dickens. She called Michael Caine working with Kermit the Frog "depressing." I guess, but then again we ARE talking about the guy who passed up picking up his statue for Hannah & Her Sisters at the Oscars so he could be on the set of Jaws: The Revenge. The guy either doesn't have much pride or he loves to work no matter what.

Besides, A Muppet Christmas Carol is fascinating in that they REALLY seem to want to be as accurate to the spirit as possible. I mean, there's no Ignorance and Want and there are more jokes but ... sheesh, the songs are really "on" you know? This song actually really gets Scrooge's character. I mean, it talks about him being "mean" but it also gets that he's a bitter person because he's lonely, you know? And who would think of putting this in a comedy movie? It's like the religious/saccharine double-threat! ... But I admit I really like it and keep listening to it.

Not that it's all seriousness. Check this out.

- But I feel a little bad about inundating you with Christmas stuff on Halloween ... Eve. So have some Scary Silent Hill Nurses!
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( Oct. 21st, 2008 10:07 pm)
As Dr. Gregory House says, Everybody lies.

I find it the most interesting that the things they seem to get consistently wrong is the other's economic plan. Makes me wonder if they're both just swinging blind.
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( Aug. 8th, 2008 04:07 pm)

I ... I ... just ... guh ...

Of all the politicians, he was one of the ones I would least suspect for this kind of thing, but UGH!!! SCUMBAG!

Poor Elizabeth ... that woman confronted Ann Coulter for him. She deserved better than that. :(
I read a random post on the Internet saying that Tim Russert was a right-wing mini-O'Reilly who didn't fight against the president and good riddance to him.

I see your bullshit and raise you a fuck you.

Then again I have the feeling the people in question who whine about Russert not being liberal enough are the types who cry foul if journalists don't act like their favorite partisan blogger and Tim Russert wanting to be tough but not implying he would rip the President's face off at the nearest moment is cause enough to decry him as a pawn of the cowed-by-conservatism media. Sometimes I hate my generation.

Also, does anyone remember when Ann Coulter said Episcopalians weren't real Christians? Scroll through the portraits and check how American leaders have been little more than a den of pagans.

And finally, I'm about 40 pages into Naked Lunch and am starting to convince myself that I never need to read Palahniuk again because William S. Burroughs already did it all and did it better.
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 11:17 pm)

Okay, now that I got that out of my system.

I've been watching South Park on Hulu lately. What continues to strike me is that 1.) after a decade of watching them they continue to make me laugh and sometimes even make me upset and 2.) I really can't stand Matt and Trey's politics sometimes.

Actually, you guys have all seen this, right? In the OH JOHN RINGO NO, I think this genius part of the article gets lost, so I want to repost it here.

The various types of ideological fiction also differ in how they treat the loyal opposition -- by which I mean, the people who disagree but are nominally on the same team. In conservative ideological fiction, the loyal opposition is steamrolled; they're there, but are defeated or ignored by Our Heroes, who are of course Faithful and Right (pretty much any Tom Clancy novel; 24). In liberal ideological fiction, the loyal opposition is defeated and becomes the subject of public opprobium, while Our Heroes are admired for being Faithful and Right (as in TRANSMETROPOLITAN, say, or my beloved BABYLON 5, or to a lesser degree in SERENITY, or half of John Grisham's novels, or... incidentally, could I just request that if any of my liberal friends decide to write a political intrigue, would you please not foist yet another goddamned haircut of Watergate or Murrow vs. McCarthy on the world? BECAUSE I HAVE FUCKING SEEN IT). In Libertarian ideological fiction, there generally *is* no loyal opposition; Our Heroes are Faithful and Right and those who disagree with them are either misinformed (and over the course of the novel are educated to become Faithful and Right) or outright evil. (Also, Libertarian authors are, for the most part, constitutionally incapable of lecturing an audience on merely one political question; they want to convince you on all of them, and all at once.)

I couldn't help but nod repeatedly when watching their take on the WGA episode.

Not that I think their political views SHOULDN'T affect their show. And often they're funny enough that I don't care. (A few times I even agree.)

Although it does sometimes annoy me when they sneer at the "stupidity of Hollywood liberals" when they imply that THEY actually have all the right answers about everything. And if not them, their friends ... you know, the magicians.

I ... I ... I have writer's block. Bad.

Well, it's not so bad that I can't write at work, but I do have a lot of anxiety about if I'm growing from my work. The pleasure of putting the words together for ANYTHING is starting to lose the luster. I'm choosing stagnation over growth.

Might as well not dwell on it for now. I'll try to talk about a few things.


Re: The Democratic Fight

You know, we do have those Superdelegates there for a reason ... maybe it's time to try out and see if we actually like the way this system works. You know, like how we wanted to see if the electoral college was relevant ... or something.


Reggie, my betta fish, scared me today. He was swimming on his side and I was convinced he had swim bladder disease, but I think it was just temporary gas. He's swimming straighter now. But yeah, I was worried about him all throughout work today. Maybe he did it to get my attention. :-P I cleaned out his bowl fully for the first time today ... only to discover it has or I gave it a slow leak. Well, I put some invisible tape over the spot. I guess I'll get something else to hold him in if it proves not to work.

It's weird, when Dad bought him for me for Christmas I really resented the gift. As low-maintenance as bettas are, I felt like he was giving me a responsibility I wasn't prepared to take on. Now I've grown rather affectionate to Reggie (and kind of weirded out that the name my brother suggested as a joke ended up being the one that stuck). He seems to hate me less than he used to, too, which is very cool.


Not that many of you needed a reason NOT to see Ben Stein's "Expelled", but take a peek at this. I never thought I'd feel BAD for Richard Dawkins, who always struck me as a jerk.

I mean, as dubious as Michael Moore's methods are, I'm going to venture that he probably wouldn't kick his own interviewees out of seeing the film.


You know, I was all rushing to read Prince Caspian before the movie came out and then I realized I still have a month. Sheesh. It was interesting, though.

Bigger review later. Maybe.


You know I checked out a WiiFit simulator and ... it doesn't look that awesome. Weird precise movements um ... is that really the best way to judge how hard you're working out? Actually, I wonder what kind of studies they have backing it up because I hope it does have some use and is not just quackery or whatever. Also, I'm kind of bummed that they're using BMI as the standard too because ... [sigh] it seems like I was declared obese long ago and having that label seems to inspire more of a "I don't give a fuck" mentality than actually working out.

Speaking of which, I think I'll have a glass of water and play DDR. I have not-exercising guilt ...


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