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( Apr. 6th, 2009 12:22 pm)
I finished Universe X Vol. 1 and I decided I will never, ever, ever read Vol. 2. This is totally the most unpleasant comic book to read ever. Not the worst comic ever. Not the comic I hate the most. But I've never read a comic that was more BORING and TEDIOUS and FRUSTRATING. Who the hell thinks it's a great idea to make a comic that spends 30 percent of its time explaining the new origins of the Living Mummy and MoonKnight and then KILL THEM? And don't get me started on the useless new characters. Especially the ones that try to have character development. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Charmer.)

Also, this book turns me into a misogynist. Every time I see May Parker I want to slap her in the mouth. And by May Parker I mean "Mayday" Parker. Yes, this series turned Spider-Girl into an irritating brat. I think it deserves to be called a crime against humanity for that alone.

Okay, so she was tolerable in Earth X: Spidey and she has a great costume but for most of the series she's like the prototypical Obnoxious Little Bitch Teenager and most of her "comedic dialogue" is her telling her dad what a complete loser he is. Granted, this series does contain some of the worst Spider-Man dialogue ever, too, but it still doesn't endear me to her.

Oh yeah, and I did read the Paradise X: Heralds thing when it came out. I didn't really like the Spider-Girl there either, because her main character arc was how she became the next Jubilee. And Wolverine/Spunky Young Teenager is pretty much my anti-OTP.
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( Jan. 4th, 2009 08:00 am)
Man, this sucks.

Although it doesn't really affect my life because I don't read the newspaper comics. Hell, I haven't read the new Marvel comics for ... awhile now. Mostly because my job was keeping me preoccupied so I had to drop comics even before One More Day/Brand New Day came out. So I didn't really contribute to the "vote with my wallet" initiative. I suspect they don't care about money anyway, given how adamant Quesada was about this.

My boyfriend has been whining to me about my Marvel apathy. (I taught him the term "harshing my squee" and now he says that to me all the time.) But at least that's pretty much all it is: apathy. I don't want to play the "you have a responsibility to buy the books you like" game anymore. And I'm not going to get excited about these big crossover events only to have them come out late and be annoying. I can still squee, even if most of that squee has been taken up getting excited over a comic that came out when I was 1-years-old. I just, don't feel it for Marvel much anymore, I'm afraid.

And while I'm complaining, I just want to say this: Peter Parker should have never married Gwen Stacy. Actually, scratch that. GWEN STACY should have never married Peter Parker because she threw herself at him and he was a total prick to her. Right before her death he thought she was cheating on him with Flash. That relationship sucked, sucked, SUUUUU-CKED.
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( Dec. 21st, 2008 04:17 pm)
[Mom decides to call me while watching Spider-Man 3, which she has not seen]

Mom: Blah blah blah ...

Me: Blah blah blah ...

Mom: [scream]

Me: What? What happened?

Mom: Where did the beam come from?

Me: The what?

Mom: Oh my God! What's happening?

Me: Oh, the movie ... Oh! You're talking about the crane!

Mom: Oh ... so the villain is The Crane?

Me: What? Mom, no. There's no villain named the crane. It's just a malfunction.

Mom: All these people are in trouble! It's like 9/11 or something ...

Me: Errr ...

Mom: Oh, this blonde ... she's toast. And then there's this guy just taking pictures! [sarcastic] That's very sensitive. Oh ... that's Topher Grace. So he's the bad guy, right?

Me: Yeah ...

(I should really visit her more often.)
It was pretty good, except for Hammerhead, who is one of my least favorite Spider-villains ever. I think Stan Lee/early Gerry Conway really did badly by Gwen. (Or moreover, Peter acted like a jerk to her constantly to the point where I really felt sorry for her.) MJ's characterization was better. Spider-Mobile wasn't as funny as I expected. Len Wein's stories were less goofy but sometimes his narration is clunky. Oh, and Jonah gets really, really, really buffoon-like when Wein writes him.

I also watched a little bit of the new animated series but ... meh, I think other than old issues I don't know if I'm much into Spider-Man. For me, the magic is gone.

Also, I heard Steve Wacker say that anyone who didn't like the "Aunt May gets sick and Peter has to get her medicine" is too old for Spider-Man. I want to speak directly on that for a moment.

On Aunt May )

Moving right along ... I'm letting this ruin my whole enjoyment of the comics medium far too much. So I ask you, anyone out there. Is there a trade I haven't read yet that I really should? I don't want to read superheroes at the moment. Not manga either. Goofy animals and funny stuff and teenage angst is okay, so long as it doesn't suck. Any ideas?
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( Jan. 4th, 2008 06:00 pm)
1.) Marvel, in the interest of you getting constantly beat up and screamed at and wanting to seem like a good person, I must say this: please for the love of God find better PR. Referring to your customer base as anonymous nerds is really not a very nice thing to do.

2.) I'm happy for all the people who are pleased with the preview pages of Brand New Day. But despite Dan Slott ... taking a look at them, I'm really not. I don't see a lot of originality and the "Oooh, isn't it fun how retro we are" feels forced and not genuine fun, like the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini was fun. And Harry Osborn really acts nothing like the Harry Osborn I read ever. The guy was never Rico-Suave-the-chick-magnet, and you're never going to be able to explain the nonexistance of Normie to me as anything other than I-Killed-My-Best-Friend's-Baby-For-My-Old-Aunt-Yay! Also, OMD looks like they really didn't care. Based on these two factors, I think Marvel is putting out a faulty product and refuse to buy it. Also, to me, my Spider-Man is officially over. I say that as a statement of fact; I'm not screaming at Marvel or anyone who likes the new changes. You can take that as you will.

3.) While I do think attitudes of unconscious sexism prevail at Marvel, the BND preview pages and the OMD scans really seemed like a swipe at fanboys more than anything else. People who don't become superheroes become bitter basement dwellers or loveless billionaires ... or they live in their mother's house until they're 30 like slugs ... Marvel is totally misandrist, yo. :-P

4.) I've been reading back issues of the Gerry Conway/Len Wein on Marvel Team-Up compulsively since the news of this broke. Peter was a total jerkwad to Gwen. Poor girl threw herself over him and he basically abandoned her constantly and up until she died he believed she was having an affair with Flash Thompson because they talked a lot. Peter's lame. :-( Mary Jane totally made him deal with his shit. But now Mary Jane is gone. That's also lame. :-(

5.) And it makes me wonder ... what the hell do we REALLY want out of girl/boyfriends of superheroes? It's an odd balance. If they're wimpy and/or treated like dirt (like most girlfriends), their presence is a drag. If they're jealous of their beau being stronger than them (like most boyfriends), it sends a crappy message. If they get caught all the time, it sucks. If they can fight back all the time, it makes the villains look like less of a threat.

I don't know ... if I started my own superhero, I'd almost want them to be a- or presexual by this point. (Kid superheroes ARE fun ...).

6.) I wish I could have had a "Whatever Happened to Your Friendly Neighborhood Webslinger?" instead of "One More Day." But then they would have gotten Kaare Andrews to write it, because he's inexplicably the guy you go to when you want to reinvent Spider-Man. And Kaare Andrews has always sucked.

7.) I have a nuns calendar at work despite being Jewish. ... Calendars kind of sucked this year. Oddly enough, the calendar has some Jewish holidays on it. But not Hannukah. Or Passover. Rosh Hoshannah and Yom Kippur. Odd.

8.) I finished watching Otome wa Boku Ni Koishiteru. Odd for a harem anime based on a dating sim game where you tried to screw the girls that the transgender lead actually does not seem to harbor a romantic interest for anybody. I liked this show, though; it was compulsively watchable.

I also liked how even though the guy (dressed as a girl) had to save the fellow girl from sexual assault, the other woman was there running around and calling for help so as to alert people to their presence. Good example of what to do!

I liked most of the cast. Takako was my favorite character. She was the prettiest and surprised me by not being a total witch. I like when an anime hints toward a stereotypical characterization and turns it around. I was surprised at Seion's small role -- the advertising pics seemed to hint that she was the love interest. She had an interesting backstory, though; hearing that was what really engaged me in the story. If I was in the game, though, I would bang Ichiko the ghost, just for the bragging rights. Plus, she's got a toe-over to annoying but manages to stay on the endearing side. Mariya is kind of a bland tsundere. Kana and Yukari are quasi-Loli DO NOT WANT!!!!

As for the lead himself ... eh. But he was more interesting than 99% of male harem anime leads. I think he makes a really plain girl, though. I don't see why everyone was so impressed with him ... or why he used to wear a one-piece bathing suit as a wee lad. Sometimes people don't think. (See: Marvel.)

9.) Noir, which I also watched recently, was probably a better anime, but it didn't become compulsively watchable until the sixth disc. That's kind of lame. Oh well, I had lots of fun watching the sixth disc.

Feminist blogging made me more conscious of the crap that show got away with, though. I don't think they consciously thought about going for hotness over practicality. (They sometimes DID wear sensible outfits, like when they went to places with a harsh climate. And their outfits weren't exactly fanservice-y. Also, the naked lesbian kiss was between two flat-chested girls (not Mireille, who has a much more womanly figure).) I just think they ... didn't think about it at all.

Also, women in refrigerator warning. But I don't really care because it has the best line ever in a series: "If love can kill people, surely hatred can save people." The actress who originally says it said, "It's my favorite line because I don't believe it at all."

10.) I loved The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell to little tiny pieces. It's patriotism without the rage and with lots of fun about being nerdy. GET IT!!

11.) The Iorek Byrnison/Aslan Shortpacked! strip was funny, but kind of unfair, considering that His Dark Materials is basically the anti-Chronicles of Narnia. To then complain that Aslan never gets attacked is kind of disingenuous. Yes, people are hypocrites, but it's on both sides. Like the Colbert Report reference, though.

Okay, bye.


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