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( Jul. 3rd, 2008 10:46 pm)
I walked a 7.5 mile trail today.

... ow.
I've wanted to do this entry for MONTHS, but I never really found the time to sit down and do it. Then I was exposed to the first time and reading his pontifications on dead soda flavors made me realize that I TOO could blog about something nobody cares about but could be good for a few laughs: exercise videos circa the 1990s.

I've never been much for sports, but my mother got big into her diet and exercise craze when I was around 10-11 or so and my father and I kind of got dragged along by proxy. She bought a lot of exercise videos during this time, and I'd probably done most of them a countless number of times between the ages of 11 to 14, when I was finally allowed to go to my mother's women-only gym (which, despite my egalitarian "Is it right to have a women-only gym?" hand-wringing, I have to admit I liked quite a lot). There's a couple of things that stick with you after watching enough of one video so much that it would drive you crazy if you didn't have an ulterior motive. And I want to share them with you today.

And six more ... and four more ... and two more ... )

Well, that was ... three hours I spent talking about working out that I could have spent ... working out. I think I'll celebrate by going to the mall. :-P
I ... I ... I have writer's block. Bad.

Well, it's not so bad that I can't write at work, but I do have a lot of anxiety about if I'm growing from my work. The pleasure of putting the words together for ANYTHING is starting to lose the luster. I'm choosing stagnation over growth.

Might as well not dwell on it for now. I'll try to talk about a few things.


Re: The Democratic Fight

You know, we do have those Superdelegates there for a reason ... maybe it's time to try out and see if we actually like the way this system works. You know, like how we wanted to see if the electoral college was relevant ... or something.


Reggie, my betta fish, scared me today. He was swimming on his side and I was convinced he had swim bladder disease, but I think it was just temporary gas. He's swimming straighter now. But yeah, I was worried about him all throughout work today. Maybe he did it to get my attention. :-P I cleaned out his bowl fully for the first time today ... only to discover it has or I gave it a slow leak. Well, I put some invisible tape over the spot. I guess I'll get something else to hold him in if it proves not to work.

It's weird, when Dad bought him for me for Christmas I really resented the gift. As low-maintenance as bettas are, I felt like he was giving me a responsibility I wasn't prepared to take on. Now I've grown rather affectionate to Reggie (and kind of weirded out that the name my brother suggested as a joke ended up being the one that stuck). He seems to hate me less than he used to, too, which is very cool.


Not that many of you needed a reason NOT to see Ben Stein's "Expelled", but take a peek at this. I never thought I'd feel BAD for Richard Dawkins, who always struck me as a jerk.

I mean, as dubious as Michael Moore's methods are, I'm going to venture that he probably wouldn't kick his own interviewees out of seeing the film.


You know, I was all rushing to read Prince Caspian before the movie came out and then I realized I still have a month. Sheesh. It was interesting, though.

Bigger review later. Maybe.


You know I checked out a WiiFit simulator and ... it doesn't look that awesome. Weird precise movements um ... is that really the best way to judge how hard you're working out? Actually, I wonder what kind of studies they have backing it up because I hope it does have some use and is not just quackery or whatever. Also, I'm kind of bummed that they're using BMI as the standard too because ... [sigh] it seems like I was declared obese long ago and having that label seems to inspire more of a "I don't give a fuck" mentality than actually working out.

Speaking of which, I think I'll have a glass of water and play DDR. I have not-exercising guilt ...
Exercise Schedule:

Sunday: Cardio/Weight Training
Monday: Potential rest day/Potential make-up day
Tuesday: a.k.a. Deadline Day a.k.a. No Chance You Unreasonable Dicks Day
Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. Pilates
Thursday: 5:30 p.m. Yoga
Friday: Exercise Day at Home
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. Step Class

I keep meaning to make a long post, but then I suddenly clam up.

My head hurts a bit. [sigh]
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( Jun. 10th, 2007 11:03 pm)
I felt better today than I have in awhile. I got my work done, I did a good amount of my laundry (although I didn't iron), I studied some Torah. (Almost done with ReVisions, a feminist commentary book I'm reading on the Torah.) I felt a little icky when I also read The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything, which may as well be subtitled for me: "AND YOU'RE DOING EVERYTHING WRONG!!!!" But hey, it's the first step.

But best of all ... I went rock climbing for the first time today. I have three blisters on my hands and my forearm feels a bit sore, but I am so, so happy. My day-instructor was very nice and encouraging. Every time I pulled myself up a big length he would go, "Nice job!" and when I was stuck almost near the top near my last climb, and not wanting to go further, he kept telling me "Just a little more. I think you can do it!" in a way that never seemed false. I never did get to the top on the last climb -- I got caught in a place with bad footing for my short legs and my muscles just gave out after awhile, but he got me trying and going a bit farther than I would have gotten if I had stayed up there. (Although I did on the first and freakin' aced the second).

But it was more than just an awesome instructor. Since mid-to-late-summer of last year I've been plagued by back pain. I'm not sure what caused them ... moving boxes at my old job, working out excessively after doing nothing for so long, severe emotional stress ... I just remember my back felt sore, me thinking it would go away for a week and it sticking around for months. Going to a chiropractor helped, but I remember some days (usually when I was stressed out) weeping because the pain was so unbearable. And what was worse than the pain was my whole mental fear -- the voice in my head telling me, "You are 22 years old and this is going to stay with you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." And I kept thinking of a life where I wouldn't be able to do all the fun physical activities I liked doing ... and some points I would get so upset because I was afraid I would never get to ride a rollercoaster again.

But ... over time, I got better. Not fully cured -- sometimes my neck still hurts, but better. I think yoga may have helped. I remember one day starting out on the DVD, my back felt like Frida Kahlo's "broken column" painting, but I was telling myself, "If your old college roommate's mother with a debilitating neurological disease can do this, so can you!" And after I did it, I my back felt better. But yoga or not, I've been better.

And today ... despite all my fears ... I got to do something that I've wanted to do for YEARS. I used to look up at rock walls in malls or at Six Flags and wish I could do that. And now I have, even with lingering back pain.

This hasn't been one of the best days of my life or anything, but it's been one of the best in a long while. I'll be back when the blisters are gone.


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