(No, LibraryThing, I WILL NOT LOVE THIS BOOK. You suck.)

First off, I want to start my review with the observation that this story is ten years old. Like, it's so old that the dystopian future has multiple panels with the WTC. ... I KNOW! I feel old, too. :-( This is especially since it makes me realize I've been meaning to read it for 10 years. A WHOLE DECADE and it was NOT worth the wait. If you've read the book/series, a lot of what I say in the book will be old news, because this review is a lot of it's new-to-me bitching about it. Just warning you.

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Finished Shock Treatment. It was incoherent. Which wouldn't necessarily be a killer, considering that when you really think about it the plot of Rocky Horror doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But this took out 98% of the sexual stuff and 75% of the fun of its predecessor, leaving a pretty bland cheese. The cheese becomes even more tasteless when you consider Farley Flavors is also the most boring villain ever.

Weirdly enough though, Cliff de Young made a great Brad Majors. Jessica Harper ... eh ... I warmed up to her in the end but it was really hard to process her as Janet Weiss-Majors. Actually, this is the second time I've had trouble with a non-Susan Sarandon Janet, which is weird, because you wouldn't think that role would NEED a certain actor. But I've had an easier time with the non-Curry Frank N Furter I saw at the stage show than I did with their version of Janet. I guess I'm just really attached to Susan Sarandon's "ingenue but funny" interpretation. The girl at the stage show played her as a prissy bitch and I ended up hating her. Jessica Harper isn't a bad actress, but ... she's not Janet. No part of her performance "feels" like Janet to me. And ... this is so weird but ... it was so hard to process her as Janet too because her voice is DEEP. And Susan Sarandon's is ... not. MY BRAIN WON'T COMPUTE.

I really liked Richard O'Brien's character in this film. And Little Nell. Especially because she spends her few lines in the film talking funny and wearing no pants. Okay, so she did that in Rocky Horror but ... I DON'T KNOW. I really dig it this time around.

Actually, hell. I'll just post every worthwhile part of the movie below the cut. Do NOT take this as an indicator of the quality of the whole movie. Just enjoy these and pretend nothing else exists.

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Like a lot of geeks, I have an mp3/wav file of "Mahna Mahna". At the end of the mp3 file, Statler and Waldorf have a conversation that goes something like this.

W: "That was wonderful!"
S: "Bravo!"
W: "I loved that!"
S: "It was great."
W: "Well, it was pretty good."
S: "Well, it wasn't bad."
W: "Well, there were parts of it that weren't very good, though."
S: "It could have been a lot better."
W: "I didn't really like it."
S: "It was pretty terrible."
W: "It was bad."
S: "It was awful."
W: "Ah, it was terrible!
S: "Get them away!"
W: "Boo!"
S: "Boo!"

My mindset reading Black Hole, the 10-year horror comic project of artist/writer Charles Burns, was a little like that. Well, I don't think I ever got to the "Boo!" point, maybe just to the "It could have been a lot better" point, but the slow eroding of good feeling serves my purpose pretty well.

"If you want Caitlin, then face Veronica, tell her, and be with Caitlin. If you want Veronica, be with Veronica. But don't pine for one and fuck the other. Man, if you weren't such a fucking coward... - Randal Graves, Clerks

If you replace "Caitlin" with the name "Madoka" and the "Veronica" with the name "Hikaru," you would have had the advice that Kasuga Kyosuke needed since about episode four. Alas, unlike Clerks, Kimagure Orange Road has no snarky friend that can knock out the main character's douche-nozzley problems in two hours. But Kasuga Kyosuke doesn't have a friend like Randal, and I was stuck watching this fucker for about 20 hours.

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And for sitting through that ... Anthrophromorphic Multi-Racial Lesbian Couple. YAY!
Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
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Peter and Wendy/Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens/The Blot on Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
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The Promise by Chaim Potok
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Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine by Harold Bloom
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Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis
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Magic Knight Rayearth (Omnibus) by CLAMP
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But since it is about Purim, the topsy-turvy day, The Gilded Chamber is absolutely ungood.

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By the way, people in the Bible who deserve their own, good Biblical Fiction.

1.) Elijah - He's a total badass. Remember the stuff Jesus did? Elijah does stuff like that except he can also kill people with his brain. Someone needs to dramatize this.
2.) Jezebel - Okay, so it's the same book as Elijah, but I think it would make a great Shakespearean tragedy.
3.) Ambilech - a.k.a. the evil guy in the book of Judges. I'm tempted to say Deborah, but somehow I think a guy who rises to power only to be felled by a woman who throws a rock out a window and conks him on the head (although he wusses out and gets a guy to kill him before he loses consciousness because he's a weenis) is great stuff.
4.) Tamar - Because she deserves a voice almost as much, if not more, than Dinah. Plus, it would be cool to see David's story in Samuel from one of his kids' eyes.
5.) Jonathan (Saul's son) - Because I'm not above Bible!slash when I can see it.

I have a thing for the Nevi'im I guess. The Torah's kind of been done to death though, hasn't it?
* [livejournal.com profile] 47nite introduced me to the comedic awesome of Yahtzee Croshaw and I've been having a great time ever since. His latest review, on Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a game which I haven't played but I've watched others play the original games (and I also actually beat Resident Evil 2 myself -- I think it was one of the first games I beat) and when he started going on about the story and dialogue of the RE games I laughed so hard I had to watch it again because I missed half of the jokes. It's true. It's all true ... but he's funny enough I enjoy watching/listening to a review even when I haven't played it.

I also checked out his Web site ... didn't like his written reviews as much (although as a recent member of the "Yes, I actually read ALL of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Chronicles" guild I salute him). But I downloaded his 5 Days a Stranger game. Only a day in but it managed to actually scare me even with the primitive graphics. I'll be playing more soon ... maybe tomorrow night.

* J.R. Fettinger's life seems to be stable yet again and so Spidey Kicks Butt is now updating again on a consistent basis, w00t! I'm still pissed over OMD, but at least he makes stuff fun.

* The quality of Homestar Runner sometimes seems to vacillate between "kind of all right" to "pretty good" these days. But I do miss consistent "fucking awesome." Luckily, fucking awesome came back this week. Also, thank you last year's email for making fun of that stupid "Oranjella and Lemonjella" urban legend. (Although I remember them being an actual names on that TV show Detention - whatever.)

* Um ... running out of entries on this journal theme. I did, however, get rid of a book I had on Bookmooch for over a year -- something I really didn't like and wanted to get rid of so I'm happy about it. :-D Shortpacked! has also been pretty amusing, so long as I don't expect too much of it.

One person I regularly read who HAS been seriously disappointing me is James Berardinelli. He's started up ReelThoughts and reviewing older movies on a consistent basis, which is bad. But his Sweeney Todd review where he stated that musical "Was far from Sondheim's best work" and then later said, "Well, I haven't actually listened to the original cast recording or seen it was really, really stupid. Ditto on saying "If Katie Holmes is going to act this crappily, she should concentrate on staying home and taking care of Suri." [sigh] Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was judging her acting ability with wanting to make a topical reference and not trying to be sexist doesn't excuse that ... well, it kind of is. Really.

* Speaking of dear Katie, or rather her crazy husband, the wank communities have been finding some awesome stuff lately, especially regarding this Web War with Scientology. Watching Message to Scientology while [livejournal.com profile] cyberweasel was visiting was kind of a surreal feeling. I felt like I was in one of those movies where the hacker is making his grand announcement to the Internet and to illustrate that, the director cuts to scenes of half-dressed people in messy apartments staring in awe at the screen.

Also, the weirdest thing happened when we were watching The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology (with the creepy music turned down). I actually was watching and for no reason lost my equilibrium and felt like the room was spinning. Very creepy.

In less scary news, Check out this returned vintage wank. Glad I never got into The Doors.


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