You know, two separate things were annoying me, but then I realized that they actually kind of related.

This is totally stating the absolutely fucking obvious, but you all know I'm into the fanfic and write the fanfic and the thing I'm anticipating most in the world at this current point in time IS fanfic. So you can assume that I'm cool with taking stuff apart and putting it back together and sometimes will even like a fanfic as much or maybe even more the original, right? You know, like Gallant is aroused; Goofus is Horny. That's way better than the original. Okay, so the bar was really low on that one, but STILL.

Anyway, it can happen. It usually doesn't. But it can happen. I want to talk about two instances where IT HAS NOT HAPPENED.

I am a pompous bitch. )
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( Apr. 6th, 2009 03:29 pm)
This time, Rorschach and Laurie.

Sorry to be brief, Mark keeps bugging me to watch Superbad with him.
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( Apr. 4th, 2009 07:37 pm)
So Mom has Internet control and, because the books I'm currently reading offer me a choice between consistent irritation (in the case of Kushiel's Chosen) and OH MY GOD SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP (Universe X Vol. 1) I started writing more of my fanfic and was like, "Dudes, I totally need a cameo by a 1970s feminist." So I dusted off my old History of Feminism textbook (While I'm thinking of it, why didn't I keep the one about feminisms in other countries? I'm so stupid ...) and was scanning through the excerpts of the works of Robin Morgan and Susan Brownmiller (one of whom will be in the fic ... I sort of WANT it to be Morgan, because her writing is like the left-wing, feminist version of "The New Frontiersmen" and that makes me inappropriately gleeful, but Brownmiller is more popular and probably makes more sense in the long run ...).

Then I decided that required too much thought and I picked up my copy of Female Chauvinist Pigs and read my favorite parts while I was at the laundromat cleaning my comforter. (And just realized that Morgan blurbed the book. w00t!) This didn't really help with anything but that book always energizes me even as it makes me re-assess myself as a feminist and a woman.

I tried to look for clips of Morgan and Brownmiller on YouTube. Didn't find much of anything, but I found some of Ariel Levy. Then I found that she was put on a playlist of a person's "Favorite Women" and one of them included Motherfucking Camille Paglia.

And I'm like, "Rebecca, don't watch. Don't watch, you're just going to get upset." But then I was like, "Aw, it can't possibly be any stupider than what she said about date rape," which are quite possibly THE WORST LAST WORDS IN THE UNIVERSE but I clicked anyway.

Paglia: "I think students have sex with their teachers because there is far too much of a friendly atmosphere between teachers and students. I think this is a part of the therapy culture."

These days I react to Camille Paglia with a sort of fascinated embarrassment. She's like that person who you used to be really into and now that you're broken up you're like, "What did I see in you? Why did I like you? WHY?" Her and Christina Hoff Summers. Although Summers is more like that person who seemed really nice until you learned she liked to shill for conservative fake feminism steal cars on the weekend.

... Those metaphors suck. Sorry.

Anyway, dissident/conservative/backlash feminism was an embarrassing time of my life and I'm glad I'm mostly past that ... at least I hope.

I should probably read some more feminism books, but um ... er ... well, I just have to take a picture of my book piles soon, because that shit is just SAD. Anyway, I think I only have Vindication of the Rights of Women in there, but maybe I should bust it out and read it soon.
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 12:20 pm)
So this guy was in charge of New York City circa 1977? Sheeeeeesh. Seems like he had a shit-tastic enough term in real life and Alan Moore piles a police strike on him. @_@ Poor bastard.
Okay, not really. It needs extensive editing. And it's only the first draft. Of the first part. But still, this is the first explicit het fanfic I've ever written, and it's actually possibly my first non-canon het pairing, unless you count my original characters from back in the day. So w00t.

Today I did not throw away my TV or see Coraline (yet). This is because Dad convinced me the TV is still good and I KNOW HE IS WRONG but he has undue influence over me, being DAD and all and I'm like, "It totes doesn't play PS2. It is useless." And he's like, "Naw, it's good. It plays DVDs." And I'm like, "Well, where are the wires for the DVD player? I can't find them." So he's basically given me faith in my own ineptitude to not see the obvious so I'm going to STILL hold on to the god damn TV. [sigh]

But um, yay fic, right? Yay, fic!

... I know, I know. Do something useful. I'm getting on that.
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( Jan. 16th, 2009 12:27 am)
The Twilight Lady is like the cardboard box in the toybox that is the Watchmen fandom. Nothing's in it. It's really only surface. And yet somehow everyone's got great ideas for it and wants to play with it.

(Not that I didn't give the box a spin ... noooooo.)
So, um, anyone who has known me for a long time (a few of you on my friendslist) knows one of my fannish philosophies is "Slash can be feminist, but isn't INHERENTLY feminist." I've said it so often that I haven't felt the need to say it for a really long time. Plus, I hadn't written any fanfics since 2006. But now I am writing again, and some of the comments of geek blogosphere feminists got me thinking about it once more.

I'd thought about it first when I read one wanky feminist (from the radical side of the spectrum, I say this as a qualifier -- not as a judgment on radical feminism) whose name I don't want to repeat saying that slash wasn't feminist because the female writers repeated the violence often seen in mainstream pornography, and that they were turning men into sex objects. Another, more mainstream feminist also repeated the violence complaint.

I thought of addressing their arguments, but decided eventually to let it go and forget about it. Mostly because of this. But then I read this, which is about Twilight but reminded me of some of the more annoying "slash is feminist" arguments.

This last part is one of my favorite things about the books. They’re all about female desire. Teenage female desire. Yes, there’s an underlying message that abstinence is the only safe way to handle sexuality–vampirism and werewolf-ism both being metaphors, mostly, in these books, for male sexuality–but Bella is the one who pushes for premarital sex, both literally and in the metaphoric sense, premarital vampirism.

These may sound like two divergent topics, but they tie together, I swear.

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( Dec. 17th, 2008 01:07 am)
All the fanfics I feel good enough about to re-introduce to the world are up on [ profile] quiprofanfics. Come for the sex! Stay for the lolz!

I'll talk about them more tomorrow. Until then, you can play with the tags page.
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( Nov. 26th, 2008 05:06 pm)
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[Poll #1304866]

Yeah, I may be wanting to start a playlist ...
So, I took this undergrad Chaucer class in Spring 2004 because that was my idea of fun back then. Chaucer was basically The Canterbury Tales and we didn't even finish them but whatever. It was unique in that 1.) the teacher insisted we read pure Middle English. This was a pain in the ass at the time, but now whenever I see Modern English translations I'm like, "But ... but this is for BABIES!" 2.) I was sort of the "token Jew" in the class, and the teacher would encourage me to kind of give the Jewish perspective on stuff.

At the end of the class, we had a big party where we were encouraged to cook Medieval food and stuff. Since I lived in a dorm at that time, I offered to just bring cups, BUT the teacher said she would also like us to do readings. And even though I wasn't writing for pleasure very much, at the 11th hour (either the day before or the day of the party, I can't really remember) the idea for a re-telling of "The Prioress' Tale" a.k.a. "The One with the Anti-Semitism" struck me and I wrote this thing called "The Banker's Prologue and Tale." With the exception of a few couplets, I didn't bother to make it rhyme, but I tried to keep the general structure and how the Tales "sounded" in my head.

You may think differently, but ... I don't know, I really like this one.

The Banker's Prologue and The Banker's Tale )

Oh and, yes, despite the "We're taking back our oppression!" flavor of it, the banker isn't a fully reliable narrator. I was trying to keep with the characterization of the tales, too. :)
So thinking about JS&MN made me think I should look for stuff on Y!Gallery a.k.a. the "Just When I Thought I'd Seen Every Bizarre Fetish in the Universe ..." site. This search was unsuccessful. (Always thought the search system was a load of crap, but nevermind.) So I decided, "Hey, let's check out the Silent Hill stuff."

What I Found Included
1.) Lots of Portraits of Pyramid Head. Some stuff of him having sex with James. I have to admit I was rather unperturbed by all this. Of course, I'd already gotten a somewhat of an inoculation when I found a link to not even a fanfic but QUOTES from a fanfic of a Pyramid Head/Mary Sue fanfic. They were so, so, so gross. So gross I wanted to puke and not in that way that everyone says "Oh, that made me want to hurl" but in that "Holy shit, I actually do feel the bile rising in my stomach and feel sorry that I ate for once." I actually think what made me puke was less descriptions of actual sex but more the descriptions of Pyramid Head's mental speech about how he loved Mary Sue so much he wanted to rape her. And also their spawn's mental speech along the lines of, "Like all boys, he was starting to have feelings of wanting to rape girls." So ... anyway, I'm inured to the simple yaoi these days.

2.) Lots of Pictures of Henry and William from SH4. Standard good guy/bad guy shit. Also not surprised it exists.

But I was surprised at ... was how CUTE most of the fanart was. Well, Pyramid Head was less cute than not. But most of it was, like, "Chibi-squee compacted with lame awesome inside jokes." For example, the serial murderer telling his in-game victim, "Tut, tut you have too many shoes" or James smiling happy while he's on Pyramid Head's leash or other bizarre cuddly, wuddly, you-want-to-think-the-artist-is-doing-it-ironically-but-I-bet-they're-not stuff.

Meanwhile, cuddly wuddly fandoms, like, say, PowerPuff Girls, have fanfics of angsty deep-osity and incest (but DON'T MAKE BUTTERCUP A MOM YOU BASTARDS!!!). And it's like ... are you guys watching the right shows?

If you don't knock it off, I'm going to turn this fandom around right now! )

Anyone else want to share something which has a completely incongruous fandom?

Oh, and one good thing about Silent Hill fanart. It inexplicably led me to this
- Learned that Normie is still alive ... Liz Osborn apparently divorced Harry and took the son with her. What's this world coming to? Anyway, I don't feel like doing the fanfic now. I'm sorry, guys. :-( That was my big driving point, and part of the fun of fanfic is trying to fix things within the "rules" but by now it's kind of like playing that game in A Separate Peace.

Dan Slott looks like he's making lemons into tasty lemonade. Lots of people want to drink but ... eh, I'm still annoyed. I feel like Annie Wilkes being unable to get over Rocketman. (Except I don't have an urge to chop Joe Quesada's foot off. No, really. I don't. I don't lack that much perspective.)

- Also got an idea for LoEG in anime times ... Eva can be demi-Lovecraft Gods wrapped up in armor and that's why Shinji and Asuka are crazy. Lupin III and Cutey Honey can pursue Allan and Mina. Eastasia was Japan lying, saying they won the war and they send the kids on an island to kill each other. The world looks like Tokyo-3 and everyone has a persocom. Also jokes about why the country can't manage to kill a giant lizard.

But then it kind of felt like too much work ... and kind of corny. And I can ape anarchist themes but I don't think I can really turn the medium on its head the way it deserves to be turned. Oh well.

- Why do I want to ape anarchist themes, anyway? I'm not much of an anarchist. I don't really think I have much of a unique worldview. Other than, like, the world has internal rot. But not in this Don DeLillo sense where evil suburban commercialism has sucked the life out of us. Just because your neighbor might attack your kid doesn't mean the fun birthday party you shared with your other neighbor doesn't have any meaning ... if you catch my drift.

- This last weekend was my own personal Shakespeare weekend. I watched my four-hour Ken Branagh Hamlet, and then the commentary, and then the documentaries, and then the previews (Olivier's Othello make-up makes him look puke green or purple ... not very black), and then I read about half of King Lear. It made me a little crazy, I think. But I'm having fun.

- Dad bought the dogs over to visit. It wasn't as disastrous as I expected.

- Dear Romance Novel Community: The Smart Bitches and Nora Roberts' hardball line on plagiarism has made me respect the romance novel community far more than this bleating about being nice does. That Mrs. Giggles is saying this really makes me boggle.


- Oh, I like ... have a pet now. He's a fish named Reggie and since he's a beta he hates me. But I haven't managed to kill him yet, so that's a good sign. This was all my Dad's idea; since we as humans eat fish (I actually ate fish TODAY) keeping others as pets shows a sign of outright lunacy as a species. But oh well.


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