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Okay, well, I like this too ...

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( Nov. 21st, 2008 07:44 pm)
Fucking blocked, yo. Why do my characters end up sitting around and talking? Shit, I need to make something explode. Maybe I'll kill someone ... I just keep worrying I might somehow end the story too quickly ... how long can you extend battles against the evil one?



Oh God, I'm boring myself. Must blow something up!

Here's something that makes me happy:

I'll post more happy-making things later.
The scary "We won't let feminism get in the way of our fantasy series!" crowd has been making me want to hide under the couch, but the comments led me to Target Women, which is made of awesome. Funny AND by a woman happy to call herself a feminist. YAY!


Read some Oscar Wilde after work today. I have a Complete Works collection, and weirdly enough even though I bought it for "De Profoundis" and wanted to pick it up recently to read "The Portrait of Mr. W.H." So far, I haven't read either, but I did read "Salome," "The Happy Prince," "The Nightingale and the Rose" (and damn, I unfortunately saw the ending coming), "The Selfish Giant" and a handful of poems which I think I would enjoy better if I knew what he was talking about. (I can READ them fine, I just don't know, for example, who the "second Peter" is in "Sonnet on Approaching Italy") I liked "Garden of Eros" though. Wilde was clearly getting his Keats on -- he even mentioned him! (As himself and "Adonais" [sigh!])


I like watching MST3K off YouTube, but I've had trouble going back and finishing them. So I've left Pumaman and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies half-finished. I also tried to watch the Left Behind movie because while Fred Clark's commentaries are fun AND informative, I've been bummed out because now we've been in the room with the Anti-Christ and his masters of evil for what feels like months with little change. (I have to admit I prefer the Rayford Steele chapters to the Buck Williams chapters. Mostly because Jewish World Domination conspiracy stuff makes my eyes glaze over (I'm a BAD elder of Zion) and Rayford's sheer horribleness as a human being is just so much more fascinating.) So I was going through withdrawal and I started watching the movie but I have to confess I had to stop around when Nicolae Carpathia popped up and started talking and DUDE he sounds like Skwisgaar on Metalocalypse! THAT IS SO UNINTENTIONALLY AWESOME! I invoke Rule 34 in celebration. MAKE IT SO, UNIVERSE!

Anyway, it made me laugh so hard I couldn't watch it anymore. Then I started talking Nicolgaar when Chris called me, and he claimed I sounded like Wacko, so for the next minute or so I tried to mangle the Nicolgaar accent into a Liverpool one. I did OK in the end, I think.


Oy, 8:20 already? Where does the time go ...
So thinking about JS&MN made me think I should look for stuff on Y!Gallery a.k.a. the "Just When I Thought I'd Seen Every Bizarre Fetish in the Universe ..." site. This search was unsuccessful. (Always thought the search system was a load of crap, but nevermind.) So I decided, "Hey, let's check out the Silent Hill stuff."

What I Found Included
1.) Lots of Portraits of Pyramid Head. Some stuff of him having sex with James. I have to admit I was rather unperturbed by all this. Of course, I'd already gotten a somewhat of an inoculation when I found a link to not even a fanfic but QUOTES from a fanfic of a Pyramid Head/Mary Sue fanfic. They were so, so, so gross. So gross I wanted to puke and not in that way that everyone says "Oh, that made me want to hurl" but in that "Holy shit, I actually do feel the bile rising in my stomach and feel sorry that I ate for once." I actually think what made me puke was less descriptions of actual sex but more the descriptions of Pyramid Head's mental speech about how he loved Mary Sue so much he wanted to rape her. And also their spawn's mental speech along the lines of, "Like all boys, he was starting to have feelings of wanting to rape girls." So ... anyway, I'm inured to the simple yaoi these days.

2.) Lots of Pictures of Henry and William from SH4. Standard good guy/bad guy shit. Also not surprised it exists.

But I was surprised at ... was how CUTE most of the fanart was. Well, Pyramid Head was less cute than not. But most of it was, like, "Chibi-squee compacted with lame awesome inside jokes." For example, the serial murderer telling his in-game victim, "Tut, tut you have too many shoes" or James smiling happy while he's on Pyramid Head's leash or other bizarre cuddly, wuddly, you-want-to-think-the-artist-is-doing-it-ironically-but-I-bet-they're-not stuff.

Meanwhile, cuddly wuddly fandoms, like, say, PowerPuff Girls, have fanfics of angsty deep-osity and incest (but DON'T MAKE BUTTERCUP A MOM YOU BASTARDS!!!). And it's like ... are you guys watching the right shows?

If you don't knock it off, I'm going to turn this fandom around right now! )

Anyone else want to share something which has a completely incongruous fandom?

Oh, and one good thing about Silent Hill fanart. It inexplicably led me to this
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( Mar. 7th, 2008 07:29 pm)

Also, for extra credit: this and this.


Oh, hell. Still not as funny.


Who knew Nicholas Cage could be funnier screaming about bees than Jhonen Vasquez? I couldn't.
* [ profile] 47nite introduced me to the comedic awesome of Yahtzee Croshaw and I've been having a great time ever since. His latest review, on Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a game which I haven't played but I've watched others play the original games (and I also actually beat Resident Evil 2 myself -- I think it was one of the first games I beat) and when he started going on about the story and dialogue of the RE games I laughed so hard I had to watch it again because I missed half of the jokes. It's true. It's all true ... but he's funny enough I enjoy watching/listening to a review even when I haven't played it.

I also checked out his Web site ... didn't like his written reviews as much (although as a recent member of the "Yes, I actually read ALL of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Chronicles" guild I salute him). But I downloaded his 5 Days a Stranger game. Only a day in but it managed to actually scare me even with the primitive graphics. I'll be playing more soon ... maybe tomorrow night.

* J.R. Fettinger's life seems to be stable yet again and so Spidey Kicks Butt is now updating again on a consistent basis, w00t! I'm still pissed over OMD, but at least he makes stuff fun.

* The quality of Homestar Runner sometimes seems to vacillate between "kind of all right" to "pretty good" these days. But I do miss consistent "fucking awesome." Luckily, fucking awesome came back this week. Also, thank you last year's email for making fun of that stupid "Oranjella and Lemonjella" urban legend. (Although I remember them being an actual names on that TV show Detention - whatever.)

* Um ... running out of entries on this journal theme. I did, however, get rid of a book I had on Bookmooch for over a year -- something I really didn't like and wanted to get rid of so I'm happy about it. :-D Shortpacked! has also been pretty amusing, so long as I don't expect too much of it.

One person I regularly read who HAS been seriously disappointing me is James Berardinelli. He's started up ReelThoughts and reviewing older movies on a consistent basis, which is bad. But his Sweeney Todd review where he stated that musical "Was far from Sondheim's best work" and then later said, "Well, I haven't actually listened to the original cast recording or seen it was really, really stupid. Ditto on saying "If Katie Holmes is going to act this crappily, she should concentrate on staying home and taking care of Suri." [sigh] Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was judging her acting ability with wanting to make a topical reference and not trying to be sexist doesn't excuse that ... well, it kind of is. Really.

* Speaking of dear Katie, or rather her crazy husband, the wank communities have been finding some awesome stuff lately, especially regarding this Web War with Scientology. Watching Message to Scientology while [ profile] cyberweasel was visiting was kind of a surreal feeling. I felt like I was in one of those movies where the hacker is making his grand announcement to the Internet and to illustrate that, the director cuts to scenes of half-dressed people in messy apartments staring in awe at the screen.

Also, the weirdest thing happened when we were watching The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology (with the creepy music turned down). I actually was watching and for no reason lost my equilibrium and felt like the room was spinning. Very creepy.

In less scary news, Check out this returned vintage wank. Glad I never got into The Doors.
Hey, Alejandro! How about an icon of Kona-chan pondering, "Twincest is wrong, eh?" with Kagami and Tsukasa? Y/N? (I'm not into the pairing at all, but it would be something she would think, I believe.)

I've now watched all of the "official" Marx Brothers movies. A Night in Casablanca was significantly better than The Big Store/Go West!/At the Circus blah. Mostly because the "meet cutes" were rarely in it and only the evil chick got to sing. Still, it was hard to look at Harpo with the age lines along his eyes (he also seemed to use a lot more props and move around a lot less) and the veins in Chico's hands. Which is weird because I KNOW they got old. I've seen the clip of Groucho performing "Lydia, The Tattooed Lady" in his twilight years, but thinking of Harpo old is just strange ...

I don't think I'm going to seek out any of the "non-canon" Marx Brothers movies ... well, maybe Love Happy.

Also, to clear my "DVDs to watch" list, I watched The Osbournes Season 2 1/2 ... and, to my disappointment, still enjoyed it. I'd like to think my taste matured but ... eh, no.

I have a theory that MTV and VH1 have somehow managed to make the television equivalent of marijuana (sans the hallucinations) and have injected it into all of their TV shows for the past decade or so. The Osbournes, The I Love the ... shows, The Most Awesomely ... shows, Celebrity Fit Club. They're not harmful, they're only emotionally addicting but God DAMN if they don't make you okay with being bored.

On a similar subject, I want to take the time out to say, when I ponder the state of gender relations in the media, no industry makes me more depressed than the music industry. Which is weird, because it's not like female singers/performers haven't always been visible and that the other media industries don't do egregiously sexist things.

But sheesh, the music industry practically wears its objectification of women like a motherfucking BADGE. And I'm not attacking sexiness, either. I don't think anything early Madonna did was objectification. Playing up the male gaze ... okay, sure. To an extent, I don't mind it if the performer wants to act like they're seducing the audience.

BUT I do have a problem with, well, girls in thongs dancing around while a rapper sings sexist lyrics. Or an uptight woman suddenly undergoing a personality change and ripping her clothes off because she hears a metal song. Or two women randomly licking each others kisses in that "OMG! We're lesbians! That makes us cool, right?" way where it really doesn't seem like they're even enjoying themselves. Or a woman being seduced by a monkey so the ANGRY YOUNG ARTISTS (TM) can mollify the audience into believing that women are bitches. Or a woman who seemed to be in a socially-conscious band deciding it would be really cool if she set off on her own and sung nonsense.


And to finish up ... that's why you can't have a rocketship.


Okay, that reference was too obscure.


I don't know how else to end this post.


Here, have some mash-ups.

The Ghost that Feeds (NIN meets Ghostbusters ... I don't understand the Journey thing, don't bother to watch the video)
Trekkie and Kate Monster from Avenue Q sing Wicked's "Popular"
Baby vs. Alec Baldwin (I wouldn't bet on the Baldwin)
... but they may have very, very embarrassing taste in music.

What I've been listening to tonight and dancing around to without the aid of a DDR machine ... very scary

This is what I used to hear as a child ... My Dad used to dance around and sing it. And this doesn't even have the really, really "I am catering to my bathhouse crowd" verse in which the Divine Miss M's male back up singers come in ...

And I was surprised when he told me.

Oddly enough, my Dad hates all the stereotypical for-gay-males divas such as Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland -- he thinks they genuinely suck.

Still, my dad lived The Queer as Folk life for awhile. Thus, I've listened to a lot of songs like "New York City Boy" and "You Think You're a Man" and a song with verses such as "Strip for me, babe/Strip for you .../Strip for me, 'cuz I want you to ..." (This was AFTER -- don't think that was my lullaby or anything). This was really bizarre when I was in my formative years and kind of painful for my brother.

Mark: "So, we're in the car ... and William [my Dad's partner] turns on this song ... and it starts out, 'On the first day, God created the earth. On the second day, God created man. And then ... he commanded them to DANCE.' And then there's this techno beat throughout the whole thing ... and then every once in awhile he says, 'Why are you so QUIET?'" *
Dad: "Yeaaaah ... it was kind of a bad song ... I didn't like it either. But he JUST BOUGHT the album and I didn't want to make him feel bad."

Still ... in my heart of hearts ... I kind of like those songs. Now he's gotten into comfortable post-midlife crisis "I'm now with a man and happy and have no need to pull myself into leather pants" days and so he plays Dido. On our ski trip to Vermont, they played Dido non-stop, five hours up and five hours back to the point where I, like Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" and Evanescence's "My Immortal" cannot listen to the song (ETA: Doh! Forgot to mention the name: "White Flag") without getting extremely, irrationally pissed off. I was so angry when I realized that movie Evening put it on the soundtrack. [whines] Come back, leather wantons! Save me from the easy listening!

[turns on the mp3 again] Ahhh, that's better. :-) "This is my story, I ain't ashamed to tell it ..." :-)

* Not that he really has room to talk, as he just wrote a song with the lyrics "THEY. ARE. AT THE DOOR. TRY. ING. TO EAT ME. THIS. IS. MY LAST STAND." And those were just the understandable ones ... the rest was unintelligible growling. I liked a lot of the video, though. It starred his friend who mumbles a lot about manga/Neil Gaiman/video games/the Kushiel's Legacy trilogy to me and prefaces every sentence with "DUDE!" as the first zombie. If they ever post it on YouTube, I'll post it here.


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