So ... I got a lot of books for Hannukah/Christmas now. HOW MANY BOOKS? THIS MANY!

Yeah, my taste is ... odd.

Those books, BTW, are the same amount of reference books I have. And that includes reference books for things that do not need references, like Spider-Man and Sandman comics.

Although it's still not as much as my books I really should finish list, which is kind of embarrassing.

Also got a couple of new things to watch:

Wonder Woman Season One (ROCK!)
3-Disc Anniversary Edition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Shock Treatment (I don't actually expect the latter to be any good, but I asked for this because I wanted an RHPS with special features, and my current copy didn't have any)
The Fall (Dad's idea)
Nocturna (and the soundtrack)
Diamond Daydreams

More exciting than my current watch list of Sabotage and the rest of Maria-sama ga Miteru. (Although I do love the latter. Also, I want a friend like Yoshino. I love how in the first OVA Yumi is invited to a party for the purpose of being humiliated and Yoshino's all "Don't go." Yoshino is awesome. I like the idea of her and Yumi being lesbian BFF.)

Boo, got to go to work, boo ...
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( Nov. 11th, 2007 09:15 pm)
LIFE UPDATE!!! LIFE UPDATE!!! LIIIIIIIFE UPDATE!!! (Proceed to ignore me and work on your NaNoWriMo novels ... which I can't do ... waaah ...)

All righty. I've gotten a lot further on packing ... most of my living room is done, and I think after I get off the computer, today will be 1st strike cleaning in the kitchen ... part of me wonders if it's a waste, as I have a week where I'll be living in my new apartment but coming back to the old place to do some minor repairs here and there ... we'll see.

Biggest stumbling block was not being able to find a recycling center ... I'm not even sure they'll be open today, which means I'll probably be carting around the two-months old junk mail in the hatchback of my car for God knows how long ... and then I won't get to clean the car before the move which I REALLY, REALLY want to do. I'll try to look around anyway.

I told myself NO MORE DVDS UNTIL YOU FINISH YOUR OLD ONES ... but I broke it because I kept listening to Kevin Smith clips on YouTube and was like, "You know, I would LOVE to have him on talking while I'm cleaning." So I went out and finally bought An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder. Already listened to the Toronto show last night. I liked it quite a bit. Internet geeks say London is funnier which is even better! :-D

I have a few entertainment pieces for myself too. For books I'm reading Angela's Ashes, The Portable Dorothy Parker, and the second and third Amazing Adventures of the Escapist comics. For DVDs I had out Serial Experiments Lain (which I already finished), Noir (which I won't get to), Slayers Try and Lucky Star. I wonder if I'm not really into Slayers as much as I thought I was. I mean ... I LIKE it and it makes me smile even on the 20th "Wai! Lina and Gourry eat so much!" joke. Plus, Lina Inverse is an overall fun anime female. But I find Lucky Star more compelling, despite the fact that Slayers is kind of an anime "classic" to my "generation" of anime fans.

(And ... meh, I KNOW I won't get to buy the Lucky Star DVDs for so long, so I'm still kind of bummed that I'll only get to see up to episode 19. Oh well, hopefully the wait will seem shorter than I thought. (Genshiken is already out, for instance.))

But yeah ... so I'll be cleaning. As soon as I pull myself away from this. Come on, quietprofanity ... you don't need to read the about the hair racists on fandom_wank. Urgh ... Urgh ... URGHHHHHHHH!!!!


Okay, better get to work.
[Finishes something ...]

YAY! Now that's only ... er, 70 books and 50 DVDs to go before I can buy whatever I want and ... er ... :-(

Oh well, with everything going on, it's probably better this way. I'm getting into that horrible habit where I just don't look at my finances because I'm afraid of them. :-X This car titling and plus I have to fix my car CD to retrieve the library CD caught in there. (My hypothesis is the book in question, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, was hearing how much I hated it and destroyed my CD player in revenge.)

I'm cheerful despite all this. Since I learned that I was losing my apartment during the Days of Awe, I thought that may have meant another crappy year, but I woke up on Yom Kippur morning feeling calm ... I think I paid my time.

I still feel a little stupid talking about religion, especially this way. A part of me wants to ask myself, "Is this belief or superstition?" Especially as, the more I read the Bible the more I become convinced that it was written by flawed human beings with often ugly prejudices. Still, I feel a belief in God.

One thing I learned, though. I remember my Mom once told me that she didn't really like being too happy, as that made for a major fall, and it was better to stick to a medium. I don't believe that anymore. Total sadness is too hard (although not impossible) to crawl out of, that I'd rather enjoy the extremely happy parts of my life to the fullest.

Besides, as I get older, I'm finding there's a lot, lot more things in the world that make me sick (sexism, anti-Semetism, racism, homophobia, etc.). There's got to be some ways to handle them all without going insane.


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