I really hate it when I hate transgressive fiction. Someone says "fuck" a lot in a story and if you have the gall to criticize anything in it, be it the plot or the characterization or whatever, the fact of the matter is you REALLY just can't handle how they said "fuck."

I thought of writing this review with jillions of curses and disgusting references to sex and violence to stave off such criticisms, but ... nah, fuck it. I used to be a goofy 12-year-old writing South Park fanfiction and I remember always making a severe effort to curse a blue streak and make reference to sexual acts I did not actually understand fully. When I moved on, those words and actions now demystified, I told myself, "OK, you saw how far you could personally go with being vulgar. But being vulgar is mostly a gimmick and you won't get anywhere on that alone. So move on and use bad words at the level you personally feel comfortable." So I've gotten myself well set into using profanity when *I* feel it's needed and not trying too hard. (Thus my screenname.) I don't need to change that shit just to prove a point. :-P

Theme of Wanted: 'I love myself. I totally rock. When I go to the movies I feel up my co --' OK, OK. Review time. )
I'm going to be splitting my review of Wanted, the supervillain comic written my Mark Millar and JG Jones, into two parts. In this first part, I'm going to unload on JG Jones' art, which I think is quite possibly the worst sequential art by someone who does not actually suck as an artist. I'm doing this because 1.) I do have some general things to say about the story that I don't want to be buried by my cranky, picky art critique and 2.) I want to assuage any rogue fanboys who want to pounce on me because I JUST CAN'T HANDLE WANTED by doing the pretty much technical complaints, first.

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( Jul. 31st, 2008 03:17 pm)
So I'm almost done with Wanted and unfortunately I don't like it, especially the art. I really want to explain why I don't like the art, but that might require pictures. Pictures with big red marks on them going "very poor, see me!"

I don't have a scanner ... my parents do, but it might take me awhile to get up there. But ... my anger is great. Would it be more in the moment to strike while the fires are hot?

Tell me what you think.

[Poll #1232908]

I insist this poll is only somewhat less stupid than the "Is my shirt awesome?" that LJ uses as an example.

EDIT: The votes have been cast! And ... made obsolete. I have acquired pictures through ancient, sekrit methods, and suited my computer up all GIMP-like and thus you shall soon have JG Jones art complete with hot pink teacher scrawl. I've got, like, 20 pics I want to fix up for you and I'm done with 19. Talk to you guys soon.

Aja - it's coming. No, really.


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