What I got in my inbox:

Could you please lock your post(s) on Owlblot?

... You know what, [livejournal.com profile] thdarkestknight? My life is too short and has too many real problems to deal with some image problem the comm is having. I'm in this fandom to have fun and because I want a space to play and whatever's going on, it's not conducive to me doing that.

[deletes her post advertising "Beg for It" and unsubscribes]

Stupid drama getting into my fun ... razzum frazzum ...

ETA: Sheesh, I just flounced in public, huh? Oh well, can't take it back, I guess ...
How did I not hear about this controversy? (Picture here.) Or is it not a controversy but just something Wills made up? Whatever. You're all fired.*

I would have gone with "Loch Ness Monster" too, actually.

I kind of want to rant about some annoying buzzkill "Watchmen will suck and if you're excited you suck" pre-movie downers, but I don't feel like it and it's really not more deep than "Man, why you have to ruin my fun?"

Still, I resent the implication that because I'm looking forward to this I don't think deeply about the book and probably skipped the text sections or whatever. Bah. Also, Jesus, do you know how often Hollywood fucks up all-text classics? Like maybe how the most famous version of Wuthering Heights cut out half the book? Come on, now.

*The LoEG fandom is hiring. OMG! Part one of Century comes out in April. ARE YOU EXCITED? I AM TOTALLY EXCITED!
Participating in a community where we make the most obnoxious "Favorite Book" lists ever and then make fun of each other for it.

I'm kind of proud I was able to come up with that bullshit about "Spleen" on the spot, too.
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( Nov. 19th, 2008 08:34 pm)
It's weird how Gmail refreshes. So today I left my Gmail open and all was perfectly normal and now I just come back to see Gmail and it's like, "O HAI, I HAS A NEW FORMAT!" And I'm like, "Waaaaaaah?"

Not a bad new format, though.

ETA: Oh, and you can change it. [picks pink] Yay, pink! Ever hilarious!
But I still got a few hours.

Yo, check this out:

Pinky and The Brain
more lol celebs!
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 11:06 am)
- I finally finished Call of Cthulhu last night. It's gelatinous! EW!
- I faced off against a mouse at work yesterday. I may give the full scoop later. I just want to say that if animal cruelty is a sign of psychosis, I shouldn't be expected to bash in the head of a cute little thing that's afraid of me. Nevertheless, I did get it out of the workplace. I'll keep you posted if it follows me home.
- I started my NaNoWriMo book, and I really hope I finish it because I think I enjoy this scenario more than any other I tried in the past, even that weird psychosexual crime noir in 2006 that I liked but couldn't finish because I had to move. I'm sort of doing something bad in that I'm using an idea I've had for a long time and LIKED, and you're really supposed to be all blank slate for NaNo, but I don't think my idea has much commercial viability, so I'm going with what I got.
- I am so sick of Garth Nix and his bullshit. I'm more than 100 pages into Abhorsen but it already feels too long. I have a determination to finish it, though.
- I didn't so much dig Sarah Haskins' ... er, digs at Disney Princesses. (Well, it's funny, but I think she exaggerates the passivity of someone of them a little bit.) I DO, however, adore her Views on The View. Starring, of course, Goofy Mom, Serious Mom, Embarrassingly Liberal Mom, Hot Conservative Mom and Embarrassing Space Mom.
- Hoping to go to Zack & Miri, Edgar Allan Poe reading, AND Rocky Horror tonight. CAN I DO IT? We shall see!
Today, Fred Clark of Slacktivist finished his five-year analysis of the Left Behind series. Here's a quote from his conclusion:

Left Behind fails as a novel for many, many reasons, but all of its other faults -- the odious lack of empathy it holds up as a moral example, its blasphemous celebration of self-centeredness masquerading as Christianity, its perverse misogyny, its plodding pace, its wooden dialogue, it fetishistic obsession with telephones, its nonexistent characterization, its use and misuse of cliches, its irrelevant tangents, deplorable politics, confused theology, unintentional hilarities, hideous sentences, contempt for craft, factual mistakes, continuity errors ... its squandering of every interesting premise and its overwhelming, relentless and mind-numbing dullness -- all of these seem to be failures of the sort that one might encounter in any other Very, Very Bad book hastily foisted off onto the public without a second glance.**

Any one of those faults, on its own, would have been enough to earn Left Behind a place on the Worst Books of 1995 list. The presence of all of those faults -- in a single book and in such concentrated form -- is more than enough to secure its place on a list of the Worst Books of All Time.

Yet the book's signature failure is something far simpler. Left Behind disproves the very thing it sets out to prove. It presents an inadvertent but irrefutable case for the unreality and impossibility of all of the events that Tim LaHaye claims are prophesied to occur at any moment.

Those events are not about to occur. They never will occur. They never can occur. Don't believe me? Go read Left Behind and see for yourself.

That signature failure, Left Behind's forceful refutation of itself, is what earns this book my vote as the Worst Book of All Time.

There's five years worth of backlog on this book, but it's great stuff. I read all of it this year and loved it and I recommend it to you, too. Start here, it's easier that way
The scary "We won't let feminism get in the way of our fantasy series!" crowd has been making me want to hide under the couch, but the comments led me to Target Women, which is made of awesome. Funny AND by a woman happy to call herself a feminist. YAY!


Read some Oscar Wilde after work today. I have a Complete Works collection, and weirdly enough even though I bought it for "De Profoundis" and wanted to pick it up recently to read "The Portrait of Mr. W.H." So far, I haven't read either, but I did read "Salome," "The Happy Prince," "The Nightingale and the Rose" (and damn, I unfortunately saw the ending coming), "The Selfish Giant" and a handful of poems which I think I would enjoy better if I knew what he was talking about. (I can READ them fine, I just don't know, for example, who the "second Peter" is in "Sonnet on Approaching Italy") I liked "Garden of Eros" though. Wilde was clearly getting his Keats on -- he even mentioned him! (As himself and "Adonais" [sigh!])


I like watching MST3K off YouTube, but I've had trouble going back and finishing them. So I've left Pumaman and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies half-finished. I also tried to watch the Left Behind movie because while Fred Clark's commentaries are fun AND informative, I've been bummed out because now we've been in the room with the Anti-Christ and his masters of evil for what feels like months with little change. (I have to admit I prefer the Rayford Steele chapters to the Buck Williams chapters. Mostly because Jewish World Domination conspiracy stuff makes my eyes glaze over (I'm a BAD elder of Zion) and Rayford's sheer horribleness as a human being is just so much more fascinating.) So I was going through withdrawal and I started watching the movie but I have to confess I had to stop around when Nicolae Carpathia popped up and started talking and DUDE he sounds like Skwisgaar on Metalocalypse! THAT IS SO UNINTENTIONALLY AWESOME! I invoke Rule 34 in celebration. MAKE IT SO, UNIVERSE!

Anyway, it made me laugh so hard I couldn't watch it anymore. Then I started talking Nicolgaar when Chris called me, and he claimed I sounded like Wacko, so for the next minute or so I tried to mangle the Nicolgaar accent into a Liverpool one. I did OK in the end, I think.


Oy, 8:20 already? Where does the time go ...
Alan Moore's Words of Encouragement

I've got my character list for my graphic novel ... well, graphic novel SCRIPT ... drawn up. I should keep these words in mind and hopefully not FAIL like I have before. (At least I've finished fanfics. Although they were never huge fanfics ... NO! CAN'T BROOD! MUST CREATE!)
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 11:40 pm)
I feel like an ass for leaving my last entry as the primary one for what feels like a week. Especially because it was just a moment-of-frustration bit over pyratejenni's assery over the WisCon/Something Awful bullshit. It's kind of ironic, because only a few days ago I'd tried to convince her why "Substituting sexist terms for racist terms in an effort to show a wanker that they're being a sexist ass" is usually not an effective form of argument and received a similar amount of "Bah, I will not let my opinion be clouded by facts."

You know, considering I also got in an argument with a high schooler when I tried to explain why "feminazi" is a stupid word makes me think some things aren't worth the effort.

Or at least I'm going about them the wrong way ... shall I write an essay on why "feminazi" is stupid or has someone more erudite than me already gotten to it?

I'll do it. For serious. I love you. Bueller?

I has day off tomorrow. w00t!
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( May. 15th, 2008 08:58 pm)
So, given that Twilight is on everyone's lips, I actually considered buying it. To the point where I went to Borders totally planning to buy it, was actually WALKING AROUND THE STORE WITH THE BOOK IN MY HANDS, but I felt my 80+ books at home practically screaming at me, "WHY? Don't you love us? Don't you LOOOOOVE US?" and I couldn't do it. Thoreau in particular would have been mad at me. So ... I will not be sporking Twilight.

I'm also not sporking Sabriel, even though on reflection I like it less and less but will probably still read the sequels out of inertia ... Well ... there's not much to spork, besides that scene where the guard goes "You seem like you have a hard life." And Sabriel's like, "Yes, I have led a hard life." That was kind of unintentionally funny on reflection. I'm very, very, very much planning to spork Kimagure Orange Road when I finish it. Partly because I'm pissed at myself for spending all that money and time on it (and I'm not even HALF-WAY DONE!), but mostly because I want to give the stupidest female anime character EVER the tongue-lashing she deserves. Although I'd like to learn how to take screenshots before I do that. The sporking will be useless unless we can make fun of the bad 80s clothes. (Particularly Kasuga's. I think my favorite was the pink shirt with rolled-up sleeves and the gray vest and the thick, yellow tie with black stripes.)

Boy, I love-hate Kimagure Orange Road. I love-hate Kimagure Orange Road so much I totally forgot everything else I had to talk about ... let me think.

Here's a good subject, James Frey. I still hate James Frey. I hated him ever since I read that Smoking Gun report and was joyful when Oprah slapped his lying ass down. I see a lot of people rushing to his defense these days with all this "He is an artist! That's what matters! Oprah was a mean, mean, mean pants with too much power!" Dude, please. The guy is a tool. Fuck the lies about his prison sentence. The guy appropriated a local girl who he never knew's tragic death for his own persecution complex.

And, oh look, he's still doing it. It wasn't me! It was the publisher! It was my agent! I wanted to call it a novel! They were just mean! NORMAN MAILER LOVES ME! Shut up, tool. You're a tool. You were a tool before you revealed yourself to be a liar when you gleefully picked on David Eggers to puff up your ego. So fuck off, tool. TOOL!

And the reviews for Bright Shiny Morning (a title which sounds like it would be better suited to a Anna Quindlen or Elizabeth Berg or a Ann Patchett novel. No disrespect meant to the ladies when I say that. I'm still planning to read their books and there is nothing wrong with being girly. But when the author is all "I AM KEROUAC! I AM HEMINGWAY! I WRITE MEN BOOKS! FOUR HUNDRED BABIES! AAAAARGH!!!" I can't help but smirk at the irony.) are kind of funny.

Esperanza, a Chicana from East L.A., forgoes a college scholarship after being embarrassed at a high school graduation party over the size of her thighs. Eventually she takes a job as a maid for a tyrannical white woman in Pasadena, only to fall in love with the woman's son.

That's nothing compared to the story of Dylan and Maddie, two crazy kids from Ohio who come to L.A. with only their faith in each other to sustain them.

After nearly 300 pages, living on $20,000 they've stolen from a vicious drug-dealing motorcycle gang, Maddie turns to Dylan and says: "You know how I read all the gossip magazines while I'm at the pool? . . . And they're all about these famous people, actresses and singers and models and stuff. . . . Well, I think that I want to be an actress."

"An actress?" he asks.

"Yeah, I want to be a movie star."

How do we reckon with a novel in which the desire to become an actress is treated as original and organic, in which the only Mexican American character is a maid?

-- David L. Ullin, Los Angeles Times

Imagine the movie Crash rewritten as a pastiche of Tom Wolfe, Bret Easton Ellis, and Jackie Collins — and you get a sense of the frustrating experience of reading this slack, self-indulgent mess.
-- Thorn Geier, Entertainment Weekly

There are four main story lines. One concerns a $20-million-a-movie married superstar who is secretly gay. Another involves a teenage couple who run away from home in small-town Ohio to work service-level jobs in L.A. There's also a mildly demented homeless man who finds purpose when he meets a meth-addicted runaway. And there's Esperanza, a maid who makes a love connection with her psychotically mean boss's nice, nerdy son.

These stories have two things in common. One, they take place in L.A. Two, they are all clichés. Frey has less fear of cliché, or of sentimentality, or of stating the obvious, than almost any other writer I have ever read. He literally writes as if he personally discovered that show-biz people are fake, homeless people can have hearts of gold, love can bridge any divide, and people go to L.A. to watch their dreams die.

-- Lev Grossman, Time (And he LIKED the book.)

This video review isn't bad either


I'm over half-way through my Savage She-Hulk trade, which means, according to my arbitrary system, I'll allow myself to buy comic books again. I'm kind of looking forward to it, even though Marvel recently crushed most of my hopes and dreams with the Spider-Man bullshit.

But oh well, I have lots I'm looking forward to buying and reading. Black Hole, the rest of Urusei Yatsura, A Distant Soil looks like something I should go back and pick up. Yeah.

I'm going to try to make a habit of buying a series all at once or at least in a close approximation to "all at once" so I'm not like, "I know that series!" but in reality I've only read two books of it. And I'm kind of ashamed now that there's anime and manga I have not finished for OVER A DECADE! AARGH!

I'm getting better. At least the anime list is depleting, too. Almost ... halfway ... through ... KOR ... must ... keep ... going ...

Weirdly enough, I don't know what anime I would want to watch AFTER all this stuff. Probably just try to finish some old dinosaurs. Not all of them. I think I can quit giving in to the Tenchi inertia.


I have a personal essay I should be writing. Why am I not doing it? Bad me! Bad, bad, bad me!


YouTube doesn't like me ... or Google doesn't ... anyway, they've both ganged up on me. Maybe later we'll be friends again. OK, see ya.
Anyway, sorry about the bit of bizzaro-ness from me lately. I think I'm better now. Well, kind of. I've been thinking.

Read more... )

We are writing to inform you that, unfortunately, we have had to temporarily suspend your World of Warcraft account and place a final warning on it.

We have had a problem in our database, it is possible that it is an error, in this case enter in the following link and follow the form:

https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/account/ ?ticket=WB-532580-JHfvy5yMPThayjPYmoyR [[actual link doesn't match -- no surprise]]

Investigation Concluded: 09/01/2008
Type of Violation: Involvement in online trading activities
Consequences for Account: Account suspended for 72 hours, Password Reset and Final Warning issued.

It is with regret that we take this type of action, but it is in the best interests of the World of Warcraft community as a whole, and for the integrity of the game. After your suspension has expired, you will be able to access the World of Warcraft servers again.

To protect the account security, we have also reset your password and issued you with a computer generated one, which you will receive in a separate e-mail. You will be able to change this password at your leisure, using the Account Management feature on our web site, located at: http://www.wow-europe.com/en/

Your password will be sent from noreplyeu@blizzard.com. If you do not receive it after one hour, please add this address to your email address list so that it is not rejected by any spam filter you are using, and reply to wowaccountrevieweu@blizzard.com informing us that you have not received the password.

Please do not disclose your new password to anyone, including Blizzard staff, or change it back to one of your previous passwords as this could result in your account becoming compromised.

Please note that should any further violations of our Rules and Policies occur, this will almost certainly lead to the permanent closure of your account.

We strongly suggest you review our current Rules and Policies to avoid further action in the future, they can be found at:


Account Administration Team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

Since I have never played WoW AND am an American, this constitutes what we call "Epic Fail." Although if I fell for it, that would be TRULY the Epic-iest Fail to ever Fail.
* [livejournal.com profile] 47nite introduced me to the comedic awesome of Yahtzee Croshaw and I've been having a great time ever since. His latest review, on Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a game which I haven't played but I've watched others play the original games (and I also actually beat Resident Evil 2 myself -- I think it was one of the first games I beat) and when he started going on about the story and dialogue of the RE games I laughed so hard I had to watch it again because I missed half of the jokes. It's true. It's all true ... but he's funny enough I enjoy watching/listening to a review even when I haven't played it.

I also checked out his Web site ... didn't like his written reviews as much (although as a recent member of the "Yes, I actually read ALL of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Chronicles" guild I salute him). But I downloaded his 5 Days a Stranger game. Only a day in but it managed to actually scare me even with the primitive graphics. I'll be playing more soon ... maybe tomorrow night.

* J.R. Fettinger's life seems to be stable yet again and so Spidey Kicks Butt is now updating again on a consistent basis, w00t! I'm still pissed over OMD, but at least he makes stuff fun.

* The quality of Homestar Runner sometimes seems to vacillate between "kind of all right" to "pretty good" these days. But I do miss consistent "fucking awesome." Luckily, fucking awesome came back this week. Also, thank you last year's email for making fun of that stupid "Oranjella and Lemonjella" urban legend. (Although I remember them being an actual names on that TV show Detention - whatever.)

* Um ... running out of entries on this journal theme. I did, however, get rid of a book I had on Bookmooch for over a year -- something I really didn't like and wanted to get rid of so I'm happy about it. :-D Shortpacked! has also been pretty amusing, so long as I don't expect too much of it.

One person I regularly read who HAS been seriously disappointing me is James Berardinelli. He's started up ReelThoughts and reviewing older movies on a consistent basis, which is bad. But his Sweeney Todd review where he stated that musical "Was far from Sondheim's best work" and then later said, "Well, I haven't actually listened to the original cast recording or seen it was really, really stupid. Ditto on saying "If Katie Holmes is going to act this crappily, she should concentrate on staying home and taking care of Suri." [sigh] Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was judging her acting ability with wanting to make a topical reference and not trying to be sexist doesn't excuse that ... well, it kind of is. Really.

* Speaking of dear Katie, or rather her crazy husband, the wank communities have been finding some awesome stuff lately, especially regarding this Web War with Scientology. Watching Message to Scientology while [livejournal.com profile] cyberweasel was visiting was kind of a surreal feeling. I felt like I was in one of those movies where the hacker is making his grand announcement to the Internet and to illustrate that, the director cuts to scenes of half-dressed people in messy apartments staring in awe at the screen.

Also, the weirdest thing happened when we were watching The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology (with the creepy music turned down). I actually was watching and for no reason lost my equilibrium and felt like the room was spinning. Very creepy.

In less scary news, Check out this returned vintage wank. Glad I never got into The Doors.
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( Nov. 30th, 2007 12:52 pm)
"Stupid dog! All you ever do is bark! You never meow!"

Shit, at least when I reviewed stuff for Sequential Tart which I was prone to hate I made the effort to read all of it, but since she thinks putting on a pair of 3-D glasses included in the book is a hardship, whatever.

(Almost done, BTW -- Stuck in "Crazy Wide Forever", which, yeah, is a bit of a struggle, but otherwise the book has made me really happy.)
I like the eyes, though.

Read more... )

Here's funnier stuff... I love Matt Gardner:
Fantastic Four: Doomsday
What I think is the funniest line: "Oh ... and I have goat legs!" You'll probably disagree, but it's a great cartoon, anyway.

X-Men: Phoenix Season
Not one of the better ones, but I always enjoy his version of Emma.

There's also this but ... I don't like it too much.
The Ultimate Orgy of Homosexuality (For the love of yaoi, NOT WORK SAFE!)
I would have liked the cartoon a lot better if they had taken the concept and then re-done it with new references. In other words, try to capture the humor of the original, which was sort of in guessing which pop culture reference was going to come up, than just taking the lyrics and replacing all the references to violence to references to sex* (and really clunky ones that don't flow, at that). I mean ... I was doing that with Christmas Carols in sixth grade. It's not like it's particularly ... difficult (HAH! I didn't say "hard") or clever.
That being said, the animation for that one is better than the original ... but it fails for me in the humor element.
But I don't know. What did you think of it?

* Okay, so they added in a few new references here and there, and those did make me laugh. (Particularly the Michael Moore/George W. Bush one) But a lot of it was lame, lame, lame.
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( Jul. 6th, 2007 10:45 pm)
My day has come!

[livejournal.com profile] lolauthors

I made u a Macro ... Hope I didn't make fun of Plum too much ... I am a new fan and all ...
I was feeling so, so, so bad ... and then I found this:

Beyond the Laughter: A Daughter's Story of Curly's Post Three Stooges Years

A "novel based on fact" (All the joys of libeling and shyster-ing without the fear of actual lawsuits yay!) about how Curly was a member of the mafia and involved in the Kennedy assassination and not actually Moe and Shemp's younger brother.

If you could know the joy I am feeling right now at having discovered this you would know the depth of my insanity. I would put it on fandom_wank, but at 2002 it's probably past its expiration date.

Some gems from the reviews:
The Daughter Herself: this is my story it tells of my fathers life after the stooges he did not die in 1952 he married my mother then. Moe never said curly was his brother but Moes daughter did. I needed to set that straight. My father was not a Howard. I alone know his true identity to be diclosed at the proper time. I hope people will read the book and look back at the three stooges years. most will remember how it was.i needed to align all the facts before i had this book published. thank you grace for helping me get this published and thank all you who read it jackie

I totally want a macro of little Curly (and I'm pretty sure those pictures do exist) with his brothers reading "Im in ur family pictures, working fir the mafia (nyuk nyuk!)" Only funnier ... you can make it funnier, yes?

As an avid Stooge fan I always believed that several of the Stooges were brothers. I was rather shocked to find that I had been deceived all these years! Recently there was a movie marathon with the Godfather showing several times. I certainly viewed that movie differently after having read this book. I can see how Curly could have given this information to Puzo [Mario Puzo, writer of The Godfather], he was in the position to know all the people involved. I hope there will be more written about the incidents in this book. I really enjoyed this book, as did my boyfriend. It is the kind of book both men and women would like.

Oh, look another review from "curlys Daughter". Certainly it is not a sockpuppet!
the book is true and the ones that are trying to say that it is not is the one that are not giving her relationship with her father understanding she is a good person and it was a night mare for her how some can not beleve that is beyond me thy need to live in her life and see the nightmare for thimself i do know that Vince Foster paper was stold and sold in the 90s and thar was a message on the move miracle on34 st and as far as the rest of the story i know why some wood like for outher not to read the book so if you wont to let outher tell you what to beleverin Dont read the book but you see that thy have not sued her that tell a lot HAHA HA please readit it is a good read the best i have looked at for a long time

This review is also beautiful:
A real page turner! I laughed, I cried, I was in awe. A totally different insight into Kennedy's assassination. Although I was stunned at the many victims this man left in his wake, my heart went out to his daughter, Jackie. I was hilariously bowled over when I read the fight scene! It was the funniest thing I have ever read! I read the fight scene to my husband, and from then on we read the book aloud at bedtime! He remarked that he knew there was more to the assassination than had ever been told.

I'm tending to find that some of the people who publish through small presses seem to use inappropriate words when trying to promote their stuff. I recently read a book about a true story of a mother trying to save her son from being executed as "a thrilling adventure".

Here's some more mugging:
I am a librarian and I read many many books. I read all the Oprah books and others as well. I bought this book and placed it in our library a few weeks ago, I read it before shelving it. I have recommended it to others and we all feel the same about it. It is a winner. I enjoy books about real people, and I feel this book really describes how some famous and important people just cast their children aside, for whatever reason! This child in the book is so lovable and her mother was so love striken, or maybe love starved that she allowed herself to fall for this Stooge! I really am serious when I say it deserves a glance from Oprah. The little girl in the book who is now a grown woman and the author of the book would be perfect guests on the show. I would really enjoy that one!

Alas, she's already tried a fabricated memoir and been fooled, alas ...

And yes, there are reviews from Stooges fans (one who alleges to be the nephew of someone who knew Curly back in Vaudeville) who are saying the book is rubbish but ... hee ... this has brought me such happiness. I wish I could make macros and icons! It begs for it!
I was thinking about The Phantom Tollbooth the other day and I ran across this interview with the author of the book. It almost makes me want to re-read it ... some of the things he said are just gold. This is my favorite quote.

Milo's not a dysfunctional kid. He's very typical. I kept having to rewrite those sections because I didn't want him to come across as someone who had these deep psychological problems. He just couldn't figure out why he was being oppressed by all these things. When you think about it, kids get an extraordinary number of facts thrown at them, and nothing connects with anything else. As you get older, all these threads begin to appear, and you realize that almost everything you come across connects to six other things that you know about.

The sad thing is, that last sentence didn't become true for me until college. I don't think it was for lack of wanting to learn, either. I was pretty on top of things in high school. (Although I did pay attention in college more ... there was the whole, "Okay, your parents gave you this, now DO SOMETHING WITH IT" mentality.) Also, thinking about all I didn't understand THEN about The Phantom Tollbooth and how much I enjoyed the book ... and then I compare it to kids who can't understand why Harry Potter and Flat Stanley don't have Cliff Notes ... what a great work that was.

Oh, and here's a clip of the Terrible Trivium that I found on YouTube. This bastard sadly does seem to rule my life at work sometimes.


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