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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 11:24 am)
I think I finally got New Jersey to change my address for Delaware. And it took only three days of hour-long phone conversations to do it.


(Look, I'm taking what I can get ...)
So, yesterday I started cleaning my old room, which basically means I had to re-do my book collection and ... well, despite having two I need more bookcases. I was actually able to get most of what I had and read on the shelves and I'm going to use the cardboard box for the unread stuff ... for now. The problem now gets to be WHERE do I put these bookcases. And why the hell did I buy so many books? I only read 80 a year, apparently. I DO NOT NEED 100 NEW BOOKS. Hell, this one time I only had 40 new books to read but ... [sigh]

Oh, and I think I need another DVD shelf, too. Like, badly. Like, I have a whole stack of DVDs that is BIGGER THAN MY SHELF. And possibly something for CDs ... I'm not big on music. I have no idea where to PUT all this stuff now, though. :-/ I've really got limited wall space in my room.

I am proud for the work I did yesterday, nevertheless. I was able to move most of my furniture by myself. The only exception was the bed, but Mark was able to help me and was (mostly) okay with that.

Stuff I Discovered in my Room:
- Advice I wrote down at a job fair on how to break into the journalism business. (Haaaaa ...)
- Old art supplies. I even found my own Prismacolor pencils in my closet. @_@
- Sandman Vol. 3 in a collection of Marvel: Civil War floppy comics. This is a great thing as if Mark had given that comic to one of his friends my inner 16-year-old would have cried for three hours.

I also picked out a lot of books/DVDs/VHS tapes to get rid of, although I'm not sure how. I'm at the point where, since I don't want to acquire too much more stuff, Bookmooch would really be an expense at this point. I could sell a few things on eBay (like the anime boxsets, even though I'm pretty sure Two Guys Stand in a Field with their Hair Blowing in the Wind While the Voiceover Explains Something About Demons ... um, I mean Mirage of Blaze would only net me about $5) but that wouldn't account for a lot. Some things I don't mind giving away to family. Others ... meh. It feels like stuff like the graphic novels I don't want anymore SHOULD be mooched because that may be the only way people want them but ... bah.

How much do you think I'd get if I put all my anime VHS tapes in a pack together? Like $5? Would it be worth the hassle of shipping?

In other news, I'm finding a lot of joy from others' pain courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] the_red_shoes, who is reading the Jasper Fforde books and thus saving me money, time and pain. Yay for her.
I'm in New Jersey with my family. I saw Friday the 13th because I wanted to hang out with my brother, and felt a little depressed because (well, my brother and I were talking about my love life anyway, which depresses me) but I just watched that movie and was like, "Wow, I could write something about a billion times better and with more care and it will NEVER be as popular as this piece of shit." Not that I expect quality from a Jason film, but sheesh ...

I want to do something productive. Or read something good, but I was an idiot and all my unread books are back in Delaware. Well, except Bloody Bones, but I'm not in the mood for Anita Blake right now.

I could start the second part of my fanfic, but my brother made me feel a little guilty about not working on original stuff. I don't know WHY, as after the movie he was telling me that it would be super awesome if the next installment of the Friday series was Hunting Jason Voorhees. (I also posited a scenario where a bunch of corrupt businessmen go to Camp Crystal Lake to try to turn it into a resort and get killed while they're banging their secretaries. It could be a satire about the real meaning of the series. I don't think he was as fond of it, though.)

So, um ... yeah, blah.

Oh, and brother alerted me to the TV talking about Charles Dickens' ghost. I don't know. The Dickens house didn't feel haunted. He may be in the Rochester graveyard, though. I can see that.
Going to the unemployment office. Apparently I "Take a Number and Wait" [sigh]. [takes a totally unread Anita Blake book (the earlier, pre-sex ones) for company] Wish me luck, guys. <3 to you.


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