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( Mar. 19th, 2009 04:13 pm)
... And am apparently buried under a deluge of Watchmen stuff on my flist. [makes a note to read [livejournal.com profile] flowerofsin's fanfics and that weird 9-11 thing] Anyone got any recommendations from the last week or so? I don't really feel like wading through the lot of that. Just scanning through the past week of my LJ backlog was making my head explode. I almost never want to see an inkblot again.

Although I'm still going to tell you guys about my totally awesome time I had dressing up as Rorschach and walking the streets of Tel Aviv. Because I'm an egomaniac like that.

Speaking of which, Israel was AMAZING. I kept up a journal of my time there religiously that I may put online. I'm not sure here, because I have a lot of people from the trip who want to see it and I may create a separate online presence under my real name. But the basic jist of it is while I didn't have some major religious experience there (although I definitely felt something at the Wailing Wall) I got a much greater sense of the cultural heritage of being Jewish. I have a lot of hopes for the future now that I wish to see realized. I'll see what happens.

My favorite part was definitely the Golan Heights. That place is BEAUTIFUL. When you think of Israel you usually think "desert" (not that the Negev isn't beautiful -- I loved going to David Ben Gurion's grave) but that place looked like pictures of Ireland. I cut my knee hiking through there but I'd do it again tomorrow (if I could skip the plane ride). Yad Vashem is also the most comprehensive and moving Holocaust museum I've been too. And yes, I know that's a weird thing to say but I HAVE been to three and a half* now.

I'm going back one day, if I'm able. And I'm trying to convince my brother to go back too. Actually, that trip convinced me that it's crucial to visit places out of your own country in general, but more on that later, maybe.

Oh, and as for the white elephant, my essential thoughts on the conflict didn't change (Zionist with the hope for a two-state solution), but I do believe I have a deeper understanding of the conflict and DEFINITELY a more complete understanding of the political structure of Israel. And that's all I really want to say about that.

Half is the Museum of Tolerance.
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 12:20 pm)
So this guy was in charge of New York City circa 1977? Sheeeeeesh. Seems like he had a shit-tastic enough term in real life and Alan Moore piles a police strike on him. @_@ Poor bastard.
Apparently Dave Willis does the same thing with his toys. Heeeee.

Oh, and y'all remember when I went crazy and decided to do a five-part review of "An American Carol". Well, a little while ago, Noel Murray from the Onion AV Club subjected herself to the commentary.

What's the most fascinating to me is that they had a liberal writer.

Friedman, whom Farley describes as "to the left of Castro," apparently signed onto this project because he likes to get paid to riff, and he can't stand Michael Moore. Referring to the public response to the movie, Friedman quips, "I said to my mom, 'I guess I'm the black sheep of the family now.' And she said, 'No, you do a lot of good things too."

One of the more offensive scenes in the movie is the slavery scene, IMO, because it implies that the bad part about slavery is that it's embarrassing to white people and not that it's THE CRUEL SUBJUGATION OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. This is not surprising.

And they thank David Alan Grier, whose presence they believe gave them "cover" in the plantation scene. Friedman: "Even Sinbad turned us down." Zucker: "And Frank Caliendo. Again." Friedman: "We were going to put him in blackface."

Shit, you guys. [facepalm!]

Anyway, read the whole thing. It's something.
Okay, so, I bought THREE Watchmen toys tonight. And I had planned to do this big story with my Watchmen toys and act out crazy hijinks but um ... these dolls are like, not meant to be played with. :-( I guess that makes sense, given that multiple joints of articulation are for, like, children and Watchmen isn't for children, but ... yeah, these dollies are pretty much made for standing on your desk and collecting dust. :-(

Rorschach can move his arms (YAY!) and one of his hands can be replaced with a hand that holds a grappling hook (Eh ... just means something to get lost, but okay). But his trenchcoat is basically solid plastic when you look underneath, so all you can really do is move his disembodied legs from side to side, but there's no reason to do that, as then he'll NEVER be able to stand up. Blech.

Silk Spectre II isn't much better, although her pointed, heeled feet are rather cute, if a bit scary. She can also move her arms like Rorschach but ... that's it. No knee articulation, just swirls around at the thighs. Can't bend over. Boo. Also SHE HAS TINY NIPPLES. I'm serious. It's crazy.

Nite Owl II is what I thought the others would be like. He can move his knees, bend at the waist, move at the arms and elbows. Basically ACT LIKE A DOLL. You can also turn his head around which, while somewhat disturbing, is actually rather owl-like. Also, his crescent moon comes off, although I don't know why you would want to do that, because it's not like he can hold it.

So ... yeah, these could have been better. Although it's not totally impossible to make them look silly and thus, fun.


"As the Not-Mod Squad celebrates their victory, the benevolent spirit of America looks on, bringing her sideways-message of hope."

And yes, that's Rorschach's disembodied hand down there.

Oh well. At least I can have them group hug. And have Nite Owl touch Rorschach's ass.
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( Jan. 16th, 2009 12:27 am)
The Twilight Lady is like the cardboard box in the toybox that is the Watchmen fandom. Nothing's in it. It's really only surface. And yet somehow everyone's got great ideas for it and wants to play with it.

(Not that I didn't give the box a spin ... noooooo.)
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( Dec. 6th, 2008 12:13 am)
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