Times like these I am so regretful I didn't make Laurie post taking Veidt's leg to the stomach, because that is how I feel right now.

Jesus Christ, the home computer is fucked. Windows Explorer won't work. Sometimes IE pops up every two minutes. Facebook won't work. Gmail chat won't work. Most webpages are slow. And my computer-fu is not so good but with Mom's only other options seem to be putting up with it or talking to my grandfather, who thinks the answer to every computer problem is either "defragment it" or "you didn't defragment it enough, so buy a new one."

[rocks back and forth in a ball on the floor] Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ...
Okay, not really. It needs extensive editing. And it's only the first draft. Of the first part. But still, this is the first explicit het fanfic I've ever written, and it's actually possibly my first non-canon het pairing, unless you count my original characters from back in the day. So w00t.

Today I did not throw away my TV or see Coraline (yet). This is because Dad convinced me the TV is still good and I KNOW HE IS WRONG but he has undue influence over me, being DAD and all and I'm like, "It totes doesn't play PS2. It is useless." And he's like, "Naw, it's good. It plays DVDs." And I'm like, "Well, where are the wires for the DVD player? I can't find them." So he's basically given me faith in my own ineptitude to not see the obvious so I'm going to STILL hold on to the god damn TV. [sigh]

But um, yay fic, right? Yay, fic!

... I know, I know. Do something useful. I'm getting on that.
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( Jul. 8th, 2008 10:33 am)
Sometimes I am not so awesome ...

David Pringle's 100 Science Fiction Books, bold what you've read )


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