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( Feb. 14th, 2009 06:25 pm)
So I figured I'd stop by and write. Since most of my day was surf/write/nap. Although I did manage to clean my bathroom a bit. I'm kind of afraid of going out. Mostly because I'll lose money, but also because I don't want to run into V-Day crowds. Although I think I may stop at a store and pick up some green M&Ms, because I think that's hilarious.

Tomorrow I want to see Coraline early and throw away the TV my Dad gave me.

Anyway, random things I'm thinking about.


Since I'm not (vaguely) reporting on it anymore, I feel good about saying this. I don't think the stimulus check is going to be as helpful as everyone thinks it is, at least infrastructure-wise. Not that I think it'll build bridges to nowhere, but I do think it'll basically create jobs for the loyal pet contractors a certain municipality/county uses all the time and would continue to use with limited funds. And sometimes these local things get federal money anyway. It feels kind of like some gauze, but not enough to quell the wound.


Things I learned from My Job:
1.) Don't Buy A House in a Development. It always ends bad.
2.) When Someone Does Something Wrong and They Didn't Mean It, They'll Have an Explanation for Why They Did It. But If They're Defensive, They're a Criminal. (See: Blagojevich, Rod.)
3.) Never Give Up.
4.) Unpreparedness is Worse Than Tardiness. If you have to pick one, pick the latter.


I'm not big on this Fanboys movie, because "my fandom is better than yours" is something that bores me enough in real life and I don't need to see it as a movie re: The Star Wars vs. Star Trek scene. Ebert's review was crazy-harsh, though. Especially considering I saw a picture of his desk in a Russ Meyer doc and it basically WAS The Nerd Desk (TM).


Speaking of which, my Wonder Woman and my Donna Troy Wonder Woman are home now. Still haven't taken them out of the boxes, though.

Okay, eating time.

Play with me, though, why don't you? I need to use this for work eventually and I want to try it out in goof-off mode first.
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( Dec. 15th, 2008 06:24 pm)
Hugz tiem plz.




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( Jul. 3rd, 2008 10:46 pm)
I walked a 7.5 mile trail today.

... ow.
So maybe I ought to talk about my life for once.

Good news: I have a new apartment now. Location is about 200% more optimal for job-wise ... less so for the new crew I have been attempting to join (and met with once), but I'll deal. It's a super-cute place above a business (not a restaurant, I'm not suicidal) ... it's the kind of apartment that wants, like, beaded hang-y things on the walls and not my nerd posters. Maybe I'll find some kind of compromise.

I've made a stab at packing ... so far I've just got books and DVDs ... I might try to go through clothes tonight. It would be a good time to dry clean some stuff that's never been cleaned, like, ever. I wish I could bring some stuff back to New Jersey I don't need anymore, but oh well.

Work is ... okay. Some stories are keeping me busy and head-desking. I think I'm getting better. But I could improve ...

Oh, and I write a column, now. Cool, huh? So far I've only written two entries, but I already have an approved idea for a third. So that's good.

Um ... my grandmother's wedding ended up being the extreme in anti-fun. But she and her now-husband seem very happy, so that's what's important.

And ... wow, I guess that's all I really have to say. Except that I'm kind of having trouble finding times to do things I really SHOULD be doing. I need a doctor or two ... I haven't found one yet. I also never got my car CD fix. I can't find any place that specializes in this ... it really sucks. :-(

Other than that, I read the original The 101 Dalmatians book this weekend. I liked it, but I kept comparing it to the animated film. (I really couldn't stand the live action version.)

Spoilers )

By the way, if you really want your mind blown, watch this: it's like that re-cut Shining trailer and yet it is REAL.
A nice anonymous commentator said s/he would like to hear more of my journalistic exploits. Well, I don't really like talking about my work very much, but I will give you a summary:

Being a journalist means traveling up and down the county twice in a day, speaking with members of the congressional delegation of your state twice in a week, yet still ending the news cycle sitting in your car in a fast food parking lot at midnight, eating a McFlurry.*

And you may quote me.


I've given up soda. It makes me sick after I drink it, so I have to accept that means something, no matter how good it tastes with pizza.

I'm also trying to give up movie theaters, but [livejournal.com profile] cyberweasel has been giving me :-( over the thought of us never going on a movie date again. Still, no, I'm not seeing the Harry Potter movie in theaters, but then again, I didn't see 2 & 3 in the movies, anyway.


Avril Lavigne's song "Girlfriend" is apparently so horrible (And practically plagiarized, I hear) that doing anything to it will make it better. There are a few YouTube mashups but this is the best one ... which is kind of amazing considering I think that Unk song would really, really annoy me.


What is wrong with people who make AMVs for Darkwing Duck?

I mean, this Darkwing/Gosalyn (NOT INCEST!** Begone, LJ TOS!) video is okay, although I'm pretty sure if Josh Groban wasn't such a technically excellent singer that song could reach "Christmas Shoes"-level maudlin-ness with its repetitive and simplistic verses. Still, you know ... it makes a degree of sense.

But then somebody in the comments said this:
Another good song that would be good for their relationship would be, "My Immortal" from Evanescence.


I could go into why that idea is so stupid, BUT it would waste your time and mine.

Still, as stupid as it is, I looked around YouTube and found that a lot of the song choices were about that level of stupidity. What does Remedy have to do with Quackerjack? What does Sinner have to do with the Liquidator? (Except possibly the title ... and that "raise your hand" thing fit ... but the theme is ... not really working unless you squint very hard.) What does this have to do with Taras Bulba? Okay, so they're all made by the same person ... Plus, she is a Loonatics fan, so maybe it's just her thing to make characters who are jokes be all extreme and spit nails and stuff. (Okay, Taras Bulba is badass but ... not in that sort of "YOU CAN'T JUDGE MEEEEE!!!!" way. Like he cares ...)

Why am I talking about that show? I hope at least one of you cares so I don't look entirely stupid.


I am so intrigued by this book, even though I've read a lot of reviews, and even the positive ones mocked it for the author's tendency to ramble and thought that he was wrong on many points. However, as I read the reviews I learned about conflicts in Shakespeare study such as revisionism/anti-revisionism, the very fact that there are multiple Hamlets and King Lears, about Peter Brook and I finally got a good grasp on the Quatros vs. Folios argument.

And then I thought, "Hey! If I'm learning so much from the reviews, imagine what I would learn if I actually read the thing!"

So I put it on my bookmooch wishlist ... and if I can't get it there I'll try to buy it cheap. I mean, he apparently bashes Harold Bloom.*** I mean, that has to be worth it.

* This is all true. Don't worry -- the parking lot was well-lit.
** Yes, I know it wouldn't be technical incest because she's adopted and would be more like a Woody Allen/Soon-Yi thing and ... oh hell, you know what I mean.
*** Harvard literary critic who worships the dead white male canon, thinks Shakespeare "invented the human being", thinks Harry Potter is an evil thing that's making children sub-literate and is alleged to have sexually harassed (or abused? I don't remember) Naomi Wolf. I wish he didn't look so much like my dear departed Grandpa so I could hate him more.


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