You know what I love? Darkwing Duck. Someone posted this on the recent "Russet Noon" wank. I think this is much better than I remember.

Gosalyn was totally my hero as a kid. Also, how anti-Marvel mentality is it that the Disney Afternoon featured a SINGLE FATHER superhero. One who still managed to have [gasp!] romantic entanglements. (I need to find the episode where Morgana's family and the Muddlefoots get along at a cookout.)

This also makes me laugh:

I'm in New Jersey with my family. I saw Friday the 13th because I wanted to hang out with my brother, and felt a little depressed because (well, my brother and I were talking about my love life anyway, which depresses me) but I just watched that movie and was like, "Wow, I could write something about a billion times better and with more care and it will NEVER be as popular as this piece of shit." Not that I expect quality from a Jason film, but sheesh ...

I want to do something productive. Or read something good, but I was an idiot and all my unread books are back in Delaware. Well, except Bloody Bones, but I'm not in the mood for Anita Blake right now.

I could start the second part of my fanfic, but my brother made me feel a little guilty about not working on original stuff. I don't know WHY, as after the movie he was telling me that it would be super awesome if the next installment of the Friday series was Hunting Jason Voorhees. (I also posited a scenario where a bunch of corrupt businessmen go to Camp Crystal Lake to try to turn it into a resort and get killed while they're banging their secretaries. It could be a satire about the real meaning of the series. I don't think he was as fond of it, though.)

So, um ... yeah, blah.

Oh, and brother alerted me to the TV talking about Charles Dickens' ghost. I don't know. The Dickens house didn't feel haunted. He may be in the Rochester graveyard, though. I can see that.
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 11:17 pm)

Okay, now that I got that out of my system.

I've been watching South Park on Hulu lately. What continues to strike me is that 1.) after a decade of watching them they continue to make me laugh and sometimes even make me upset and 2.) I really can't stand Matt and Trey's politics sometimes.

Actually, you guys have all seen this, right? In the OH JOHN RINGO NO, I think this genius part of the article gets lost, so I want to repost it here.

The various types of ideological fiction also differ in how they treat the loyal opposition -- by which I mean, the people who disagree but are nominally on the same team. In conservative ideological fiction, the loyal opposition is steamrolled; they're there, but are defeated or ignored by Our Heroes, who are of course Faithful and Right (pretty much any Tom Clancy novel; 24). In liberal ideological fiction, the loyal opposition is defeated and becomes the subject of public opprobium, while Our Heroes are admired for being Faithful and Right (as in TRANSMETROPOLITAN, say, or my beloved BABYLON 5, or to a lesser degree in SERENITY, or half of John Grisham's novels, or... incidentally, could I just request that if any of my liberal friends decide to write a political intrigue, would you please not foist yet another goddamned haircut of Watergate or Murrow vs. McCarthy on the world? BECAUSE I HAVE FUCKING SEEN IT). In Libertarian ideological fiction, there generally *is* no loyal opposition; Our Heroes are Faithful and Right and those who disagree with them are either misinformed (and over the course of the novel are educated to become Faithful and Right) or outright evil. (Also, Libertarian authors are, for the most part, constitutionally incapable of lecturing an audience on merely one political question; they want to convince you on all of them, and all at once.)

I couldn't help but nod repeatedly when watching their take on the WGA episode.

Not that I think their political views SHOULDN'T affect their show. And often they're funny enough that I don't care. (A few times I even agree.)

Although it does sometimes annoy me when they sneer at the "stupidity of Hollywood liberals" when they imply that THEY actually have all the right answers about everything. And if not them, their friends ... you know, the magicians.

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( Nov. 3rd, 2007 08:48 am)
Is any other Firefox user having problems with YouTube? None of the videos on the site load for me. (Although they do in Explorer.)

ETA: Nevermind ... that's weird. Oh well. I guess I'll just post about Underdog.

I think when I was younger I'd seen every episode of Underdog, except for the last two parts of "The Witch of Pickyoon", which is ... you guessed it ... on YouTube! You can watch it here.

Spoilers )
Hey, Alejandro! How about an icon of Kona-chan pondering, "Twincest is wrong, eh?" with Kagami and Tsukasa? Y/N? (I'm not into the pairing at all, but it would be something she would think, I believe.)

I've now watched all of the "official" Marx Brothers movies. A Night in Casablanca was significantly better than The Big Store/Go West!/At the Circus blah. Mostly because the "meet cutes" were rarely in it and only the evil chick got to sing. Still, it was hard to look at Harpo with the age lines along his eyes (he also seemed to use a lot more props and move around a lot less) and the veins in Chico's hands. Which is weird because I KNOW they got old. I've seen the clip of Groucho performing "Lydia, The Tattooed Lady" in his twilight years, but thinking of Harpo old is just strange ...

I don't think I'm going to seek out any of the "non-canon" Marx Brothers movies ... well, maybe Love Happy.

Also, to clear my "DVDs to watch" list, I watched The Osbournes Season 2 1/2 ... and, to my disappointment, still enjoyed it. I'd like to think my taste matured but ... eh, no.

I have a theory that MTV and VH1 have somehow managed to make the television equivalent of marijuana (sans the hallucinations) and have injected it into all of their TV shows for the past decade or so. The Osbournes, The I Love the ... shows, The Most Awesomely ... shows, Celebrity Fit Club. They're not harmful, they're only emotionally addicting but God DAMN if they don't make you okay with being bored.

On a similar subject, I want to take the time out to say, when I ponder the state of gender relations in the media, no industry makes me more depressed than the music industry. Which is weird, because it's not like female singers/performers haven't always been visible and that the other media industries don't do egregiously sexist things.

But sheesh, the music industry practically wears its objectification of women like a motherfucking BADGE. And I'm not attacking sexiness, either. I don't think anything early Madonna did was objectification. Playing up the male gaze ... okay, sure. To an extent, I don't mind it if the performer wants to act like they're seducing the audience.

BUT I do have a problem with, well, girls in thongs dancing around while a rapper sings sexist lyrics. Or an uptight woman suddenly undergoing a personality change and ripping her clothes off because she hears a metal song. Or two women randomly licking each others kisses in that "OMG! We're lesbians! That makes us cool, right?" way where it really doesn't seem like they're even enjoying themselves. Or a woman being seduced by a monkey so the ANGRY YOUNG ARTISTS (TM) can mollify the audience into believing that women are bitches. Or a woman who seemed to be in a socially-conscious band deciding it would be really cool if she set off on her own and sung nonsense.


And to finish up ... that's why you can't have a rocketship.


Okay, that reference was too obscure.


I don't know how else to end this post.


Here, have some mash-ups.

The Ghost that Feeds (NIN meets Ghostbusters ... I don't understand the Journey thing, don't bother to watch the video)
Trekkie and Kate Monster from Avenue Q sing Wicked's "Popular"
Baby vs. Alec Baldwin (I wouldn't bet on the Baldwin)
I started watching Buffy again ... I'm really getting into Season Seven. I ... still don't hate Season Six, even though that's the right thing to do. But Season Seven is a little more "Must See Next Episode." I just finished watching episode 22.9 tonight.

The show makes me realize I also miss Angel very much -- he's always been my favorite character. I feel a little embarrassed to say that; it seems so "SQUEE!" fangirl-y. But to be honest, it was really Boreanaz's acting that got me (YES, his acting). Just by his body language you can tell if he's Angel or Angelus. And that episode where he's possessed by a female ghost and thus plays a woman and manages not to make it into a joke? <3 Best. Acting. Ever. Maybe I need to ask Mark if I can borrow his Angel DVDs after I move.

I've also (like, for the last couple of months), been reading these spin-off stories about previous slayers. Mostly meh, but there was one I liked a lot. Still have three to go (unless I want to get the other books in the series ... I dunno).

On anime ... I finished watching Midori Days aaaaand, well, given that I think I was being a good sport about, i.e. I watched it despite the premise, which is basically a long masturbation joke. I will also do with the other show [ profile] 47nite gave me about a guy who up and goes to a girl's school to play out Marimite because his Dad tells him so. ... I still didn't like it. I DID like Rin, because she made me laugh a lot -- except when she encouraged a 10-year-old to try to seduce her brother ... then she was making me throw up. But, other than that, I really liked her and got stupidly happy whenever she appeared. She was loud and brash and occasionally stupid and always kind of an asshole, but not enough of an asshole to let her brother down. I loved, loved, loved the idea that she taught her brother how to fight. Speaking of whom, I also liked Seiji, because Seiji is basically Ichigo from Bleach in a romantic comedy. They are alike in looks, action and philosophy. And Ichigo is my favoritest male anime character ever and my second favorite male superhero. So I liked Seiji by proxy, and probably was more forgiving of when he acted like a jerk than I should have been.

Alas, the show was not called Me and My Stupid Fucking Cow of a Sister, which would have been an awesome show.

See, I'd recently been introduced to the idea of Bechel's Law via the blog of Karen Healey. I shall let her explain using quotes from here

A character in Bechdel's Dykes To Watch Out For states that she won't watch a movie unless:

- There is more than one women in it, and;
- they talk to each other, and;
- about something other than a man.

Looking over Midori Days...

1.) More than one woman
Let's see ... Rin, Ayase, Shiori, Big!Midori, Little!Midori (since I think they barely act alike I will henceforth be referring to them as two separate characters), Midori's Mom, Midori's friends ... hey, we're not doing too bad!

2.) Talk to each other
Hey, yeah! Rin talks with Midori. Rin talks with Shiori. Ayase has her friends, Midori has her friends ... although something seems off ...

3.) ... about something other than a man
Aw, damn. And you were doing so WELL.

I blame Little!Midori, for most of this, as her dialogue mostly follows these lines: "Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji, Seiji ... SEIJIIIIII! Does Seiji like me? Does Seiji think of me? I love you, Seiji. Am I useful to you, Seiji? SEIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"

Now ... I will admit it is the M.O. of teenagers, especially teenagers who've been infected with the stupid!disease, to obsess over a guy. And I would probably be a little more understanding of her obsession if she really should be thinking about more important things in life ... like, oh ... BEING ATTACHED TO A GUY'S MOTHERFUCKING HAND. But no, she's OKAY with that. No physiological trauma. She's with her SEIJI, all is well.

And yes, it's a fantasy. But so was Ranma 1/2, and all of THOSE characters had to deal with issues due to their changed bodies. And Seiji has to deal with having a girl for a hand. Little!Midori? Not really ... she seems to do fine.

The whole story is the male's story. Other than Rin, women really never get to do anything for themselves.

How this story dealt with the whole issue of sexual harassment really made me want to hurl. In two instances men have to "save" women from being victimized. Early on in the series, Seiji saves Ayase (who goes from being strong to a girl who gets caught by the head of the evil gant TWICE -- yeah, I get it was meant to show her strength was mostly bravado but TWICE?). Later on in the series, the Disgusting Otaku Toad Creature saves Midori-with-Seiji-on-her-hand from a guy who takes phone cam pictures of her panties in a dream sequence. Both of the girls are total victims in this situation. They get no revenge for themselves and are basically just damsels to be taken out of distress. Midori doesn't even really seem BOTHERED.

And yet what happens when Ayase and Little!Midori come into somewhat sexual situations with the GUY they like? Ayase later punches Seiji in the face for attempting to kiss her. And Little!Midori slaps Seiji silly whenever he sees her or she sees him naked accidentally.

So what's the message? Women can't fight when it matters, because they must be saved by men in dramatic scenes that prove how much of a hero the man is (except in the case of Disgusting Otaku Toad Creature, because that was a dream sequence and he's still Disgusting Otaku Toad Creature). However, women CAN fight back when it doesn't matter, because it's funny! Even when the Marin-lookalike fights back when she thinks she's about to be hurt ... well, it was really just Seiji and Disgusting Otaku Toad Creature was supposed to save so it's still FUNNY!

[long sigh]

Now, I will admit that this may be sort of turned around when Little!Midori helps save Seiji save Kota from the gang who just brutalized and sexually humiliated him. (Sheesh, aren't Japanese comedies NICE? The ugliness of life is so funny to Japan ... :-P) But ... well, if she wasn't so "THIS IS MY FAULT AS I AM INCONVENIENT TO HIM AND SEIJI ..." It would have been a bit better.

Also, would it have killed the writers to have SOME character similarity between Little!Midori and Big!Midori. Would a girl so painfully shy that she couldn't bring herself to talk to a guy normally suddenly open up and confess her feelings AFTER she's undergone a major physiological change AND the guy she's obsessed over sees her naked AND she's been shown to be a bit of a prude? I really, really do not buy it.

But I do have to admit ... during the last scene, when Big!Midori opened up to Seiji, overcoming all her fears and finally confessing to the guy she liked and found that this big, scary guy who she somehow loved anyway and would have loved to talked to but never felt she could liked her too ... I was really with the show. Because there is a nice wish fulfillment in there.

... Too bad the show wasn't anything like that.


Um, wow. I didn't expect that to be so long. I'm also watching Lucky Star, which is like Azumanga Daioh but requires extensive annotations for Americans so we can pretend to laugh along with the joke on a Japanese shampoo ad from the 70s. Yeah, the jokes on this show are obscure (They mentioned the freakin' 3DO console system ... I NEVER thought I would hear that name again.) But it's goofy enough that I like it anyway. Oddly enough, I think my favorite character is Kagami ... which doesn't really make any sense because she's such a stick-in-the-mud, but also trying to be sensible among all of the insanity around her and ... mmm ... okay, I understand myself better now.

I'm also wondering about the implications of having a otaku female character whose interests run very, very male. (She reads mostly shonen and hentai.) At first I was like, "They couldn't have tried to write for the girl audience?" but then I kind of chilled out and thought it was better this way. (Midori Days may have made me trigger-happy.) Konata would probably drive me crazy if I hung out with her -- maybe that's why I like Kagami so much -- but I can forgive a lot for uniqueness in a character.

Still, I wish she didn't introduce me to the concept of moe. That shit kind of skeeves me ... while providing me with inappropriate Stooge images.

Oh, and [ profile] cyberweasel, with your "Why no Nintendo?" ... a character was playing the DS Phat in one episode.

Anyway, I'm six episodes into this one and still going strong and all. Maybe I'll watch one before bed.


I started reading Agnes Grey, because I had a dream about the Brontes and felt like it was fate, but I've been ending up reading from a collection of prize-winning newspaper stories instead. I don't really feel like I want to dedicate myself to a long thing right now, I guess.


I was going to write something about Judaism ... but I'm too tired now. Later.
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( Aug. 9th, 2007 07:02 pm)
OMG I'M LEAVING AND I HATE YOU GUYS AND ... oh, wait ... no I'm not. So much for me being a foaming-at-the-mouth slacktivist.

I'll be leaving IF and only IF everyone else leaves ... I'm really not in fandom enough to justify it and ... well, the blanket deletions were one thing, but the individual case-by-case basis stuff I don't mind so much.

Fun Montage for You Guys, just because I'm thinking about the Simpsons a lot ... and South Park, just because I like it.

In other news, it seems I shall have two guys visiting this month. [ profile] cyberweasel is coming for a week starting on Saturday and [ profile] 47nite says he might be in the area on the 30th so ... well, it should be fun if I can think of anything to do. Delaware is a little low on stuff to do ... as [ profile] cyberweasel knows from my near-nightly rants which basically amount to "Waaah! Why don't they play movies I like?" (and degraded last night into a until-two-in-the-morning argument on the definition of art until I was finally like, "Okay, I'm a snob! Can I go to bed now?")

Which brings me to my next showcase of "What I Think is Awesome and None of You Do", which is becoming a popular program on this LJ:

The New and Improved "At The Movies!" a.k.a. Ebert & Roeper a.k.a. the original Siskel & Ebert for the first time on the web! The site has always had the vocals of Ebert & Roper but now you can get the visuals, and more!

I think this is very cool. I do like movie critics, although popular wisdom is that they're a bunch of pretentious gits who don't like the movies that THE PEOPLE like and are thus useless. But I think that what most people don't realize is that a critic is only personally effective if you know he or she has the same taste as you. (Which is why James Berardinelli is my favorite ... except for John Waters, I agree with him on a lot, and I respect that he doesn't dismiss a genre film just for being a genre film.)

But I like critics. I've gotten to see some really great films on critics' recommendations. Heck, I've been opened up to whole new TYPES of films and learned what to look for in films through critics. Yeah, when they crap on something I really liked it's kind of a bummer ... but they keep me rolling in biopics and artistic shots of nudity and subtitles. I have nothing to complain about.

Plus, the fights are fun! And seeing how much Ebert changes over the years is kind of amusing. (For now, anyway ... it'll probably be sad when he comes back with his face partly removed ... if he does come back -- he's going to need surgery to be able to speak again.)

So, yeah, I've been watching those. The only thing I think is lacking in the site is that you can't search for guest reviewers. Check the archives for the review of "The Guardian (2006)" and see Kevin Smith's rebuttal to Richard Roeper. ("I'm tellin' you my Dad was an idiot!") Shit like that is fun, man.
"I don't like it when girls do disgusting things. Girls will sometimes come up and do something disgusting and I am like, 'Urgh!' Girls shouldn't do that kind of thing. They should leave that stuff to the guys." - Johnny Knoxville

This whole quote is sort of explainable put in the context that he gets women who come up to him and hit him and, well, I can understand him being ticked off. But it's made me think about something.

There seems to be this weird mentality among creators that women are both "too good" to like crude humor but in a way "too dumb" to get it. Kevin Smith, as much as I like him, seems to be an advocate of this mentality. I remember on the Clerks II DVD he made some sort of, "Yeah, we have, like ... three female fans, and that's it." And I'm just thinking, "I was AT the second Stash Bash. There were more than three women in my section, and I'm assuming a huge amount more women who won the whole contest. They can't ALL have entered it for their husbands." And there's definitely more than three women asking him questions on the Evening DVDs.

And yet while he considered his "dick and fart joke movies" above women's notice, and also said in his introduction to the first Twisted Toyfare trade that "No woman would ever involve herself with this" ... he was also singing Rosario Dawson's phrases for being a rare geek girl (and a pretty geek girl! She's a fucking unicorn!).

It seems like this happens a lot with creators who are also into crude humor. When Trey Parker and Matt Stone used to talk about their fans, they always used the word "boys", even though I could probably name more female South Park fans off the top of my head than male South Park fans, and yet they would say in an offhand comment how "Somehow fat women do the best Cartman impressions." I read an interview from a few years ago where one of the head producers on the Simpsons said the show was "guy humor" and that the Marge and Lisa episodes were negligible and how women really "brought down" the camaraderie of the writer's table. (The female interviewer was not amused.)

But ... the thing is, these creators KNOW they have female fans. They've seen them. They've talked to them. You could say they're a minority ... but they really seem to be a significant one. Why all the insistence that they're not only not there, but that they're too good ... which probably means "too prissy and stuck up" to get it.

It's just frustrating, because there was a time when ... well, any of these people's jobs would have been my dream job. It seems to send the message that women don't belong in the clubhouse ... which is I guess what Johnny Knoxville is saying.

And it's depressing, because I want a lady to come along and make a "Robot Chicken" or a "Venture Brothers" for us (and by "us" I mean enjoyable to both sexes). Granted, Sarah Silverman seems to be coming close but ... mmm, I wish I liked her better.

(ETA: Actually, now that I think of it, Daria might count ... alas, I was too young to watch at the time.)

But still, I don't get it. What is their deal? Why do they do this? I can only think it's self-denigration. But if it's self-denigration ... why the message that women just don't get it. Is your work too stupid for women or are women to good for your work? And what way do you want it? What are they afraid of?

(This is probably going to upset some people but ... hell, I don't give a shit.)
A nice anonymous commentator said s/he would like to hear more of my journalistic exploits. Well, I don't really like talking about my work very much, but I will give you a summary:

Being a journalist means traveling up and down the county twice in a day, speaking with members of the congressional delegation of your state twice in a week, yet still ending the news cycle sitting in your car in a fast food parking lot at midnight, eating a McFlurry.*

And you may quote me.


I've given up soda. It makes me sick after I drink it, so I have to accept that means something, no matter how good it tastes with pizza.

I'm also trying to give up movie theaters, but [ profile] cyberweasel has been giving me :-( over the thought of us never going on a movie date again. Still, no, I'm not seeing the Harry Potter movie in theaters, but then again, I didn't see 2 & 3 in the movies, anyway.


Avril Lavigne's song "Girlfriend" is apparently so horrible (And practically plagiarized, I hear) that doing anything to it will make it better. There are a few YouTube mashups but this is the best one ... which is kind of amazing considering I think that Unk song would really, really annoy me.


What is wrong with people who make AMVs for Darkwing Duck?

I mean, this Darkwing/Gosalyn (NOT INCEST!** Begone, LJ TOS!) video is okay, although I'm pretty sure if Josh Groban wasn't such a technically excellent singer that song could reach "Christmas Shoes"-level maudlin-ness with its repetitive and simplistic verses. Still, you know ... it makes a degree of sense.

But then somebody in the comments said this:
Another good song that would be good for their relationship would be, "My Immortal" from Evanescence.


I could go into why that idea is so stupid, BUT it would waste your time and mine.

Still, as stupid as it is, I looked around YouTube and found that a lot of the song choices were about that level of stupidity. What does Remedy have to do with Quackerjack? What does Sinner have to do with the Liquidator? (Except possibly the title ... and that "raise your hand" thing fit ... but the theme is ... not really working unless you squint very hard.) What does this have to do with Taras Bulba? Okay, so they're all made by the same person ... Plus, she is a Loonatics fan, so maybe it's just her thing to make characters who are jokes be all extreme and spit nails and stuff. (Okay, Taras Bulba is badass but ... not in that sort of "YOU CAN'T JUDGE MEEEEE!!!!" way. Like he cares ...)

Why am I talking about that show? I hope at least one of you cares so I don't look entirely stupid.


I am so intrigued by this book, even though I've read a lot of reviews, and even the positive ones mocked it for the author's tendency to ramble and thought that he was wrong on many points. However, as I read the reviews I learned about conflicts in Shakespeare study such as revisionism/anti-revisionism, the very fact that there are multiple Hamlets and King Lears, about Peter Brook and I finally got a good grasp on the Quatros vs. Folios argument.

And then I thought, "Hey! If I'm learning so much from the reviews, imagine what I would learn if I actually read the thing!"

So I put it on my bookmooch wishlist ... and if I can't get it there I'll try to buy it cheap. I mean, he apparently bashes Harold Bloom.*** I mean, that has to be worth it.

* This is all true. Don't worry -- the parking lot was well-lit.
** Yes, I know it wouldn't be technical incest because she's adopted and would be more like a Woody Allen/Soon-Yi thing and ... oh hell, you know what I mean.
*** Harvard literary critic who worships the dead white male canon, thinks Shakespeare "invented the human being", thinks Harry Potter is an evil thing that's making children sub-literate and is alleged to have sexually harassed (or abused? I don't remember) Naomi Wolf. I wish he didn't look so much like my dear departed Grandpa so I could hate him more.
Well, I fail hard. I had a goal to get my unread books under 50 and when I did I blew it and got a bunch more, plus three books on loan from my Dad.

Still, my books are at least getting read ... my irritating and difficult to use and I hate it poor, neglected DVDSpot ... which I totally need to put under the new name, languishes.

Here is all that I am not watching (or watching very slowly) and why:

Buffy the Vampire Season Six/Season Seven - I don't know what it is, but I'm just really not in a Buffy mood right now. Plus, I already know what happens at the end of Season Six and the episodes are 45 minutes long, which is a long time when you have clothes to iron and dishes to clean ... so no Buffy. Plus, I think skipping Season Five to go Season Six may have killed the momentum. Maybe I'll try again later.

His and Her Circumstances - I know if I had watched it at some earlier time in my life ... perhaps when I BOUGHT IT like a year or two ago, I would have been totally enthralled. But now I am ... not. It's probably me ... the time in my life this story tells about is unequivocally over. But I don't give a shit about Arima and Yukino anymore. Of course they're going to stay together and their relationship is going to progress at a snail's pace ... it's dull. The animation style isn't innovative so much as it is distracting. And I feel like there's something inherently wrong with a series when I'm starting to think that the lead character is kind of a dick (I mean, seriously ... how come the only way he can make the relationship progress is lashing out at her? That part where he threw her against the wall made me want to hurl.) but I think having the whiny pretty girl who's drawn as a globby-monster half the time and talks through her nose kicked the series up a bit. I'm actually pondering selling this, and if the lesbian ends up with the irritating ex-fat kid, this thing is SO going.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days - Well, I don't like this movie ... my brother got it me because he knew I liked the book but ... yeah, bad movie.

Kimagure Orange Road - [sigh] I thought this show was going to be a lot more deep ... like Strangers in Paradise but anime and without mobsters deep ... which isn't even all that deep but more compelling than this. Plus, this show features another male lead who is supposed to be a nice guy but is actually a dick with an entitlement complex. When he accused his sisters of being whores because they went to AN AEROBICS CLASS, he totally lost me. Still I like Madoka enough (and I paid enough for it) that I may continue.

The Marx Brothers Collection - Well, this I have been mostly watching. Two more movies to go. I didn't watch this as quickly as the Silver Screen Collection because that one lacked the boring-ass romance and insipid songs and freaking BALLET ROUTINES. (The totally-not best was At the Circus, in which the movie had TWO ROMANTIC SONGS before Groucho even showed up. At least it had "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" when he DID show up.) Still, two movies to go and I'll probably always watch parts of each of them ... albeit after fast-forwarding through the romance.

Noir - I think because I first got into the series with a free review copy of a late episode I don't really have the drama to keep me going ... plus, the series is long and hard to commit to, but I expect I'll finish it eventually when I find time to start again.

The Osbournes 2 1/2 - I own this for completions sake because it was cheap and don't care too much anymore ... maybe I'll watch it.

Serial Experiments Lain - Well, it's compelling ... but I do have to iron stuff ... and I will feel like I'll be sitting around staring into space for hours on end ... still, I want to see what happens ... maybe one day.

R.O.D. the TV - Um ... I'm sorry, [ profile] 47nite, I'll work on it ...

The Slayers Try Collection - You know, I don't really have a good excuse ... I probably should get back to this ... yeah, it might have been a mistake to buy the last third of a series only but it would probably brighten my day.

A Star is Born - My excuse is I haven't had the time ... although I really should, especially since I learned that Dorothy Parker had a hand in the script ... how much, I wonder?

Random episodes of Vandred I got for Free, Some movies I bought aeons ago for a dollar - I don't care ...


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