Read another Mr. A story. I kind of love this stuff in that lulzy way that you're not supposed to love Objectivist stories because Objectivism is SERIOUS BIZNESS and all that. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. The huge speeches! The OMG IRONIC character names! The strawvillains with their thought processes and character motivations that make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! It is wonderful, you guys! Wonderful! Why do I keep using explanation points?

Also, the recent story made me revise my opinion of Mr. A as one of those guys who are an average lover but are convinced that you sucking their dick is the best thing that ever happened to you. Nah, I was too hasty: He is a big, stonking VIRGIN. More on this later. Possibly with pictures.


I bought Darwyn Cooke's Will Eisner's The Spirit (hee) Vol. 1 today at the local comic book store, as well as bit the bullet and special ordered Earth X. (Yes, I know the latter isn't good but ... look, I have my reasons. Leave me alone!) Then I got in a fifteen-minute talk with the (female) store owner about a lot of different comics, most of them centering around Alan Moore's work and Obama's guest appearances. (She also tells me I'm far too prejudiced against 300 and it's really good even if a lot of Miller's stuff is crap.) I really liked talking with her, but I was worry I'm being THAT GUY (only a female version) when I do this. At least I had enough foresight not to talk about fanfiction.


Speaking of Miller's crap, I don't want to read ASBAR, but I have to say I really love All-Star Batgirl's costume. Like, I love it so much I might want this action figure. I mean, it has adorable little charms. Come on! There's no sin in liking adorable little charms, is there? :-(


I finally passed the 700-page mark in Dickens. Now only the 800-page mark, 900-page mark, 1,000-page mark and done mark to go. [sigh] Is he going to have his affair yet, Ackroyd? Oh, I'm sorry, his NOT-AFFAIR where he left his wife for a 17-year-old who he didn't have sex with and they just, like, hung out and stuff because he adored her too much to have sex with her despite having 10 kids plus miscarriages with his ex-wife. (BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLSHIT.) At least something will happen. I'm tiring of hearing about his boring work on newspapers and where he went on vacation.


Points of View has some truly kickass stories despite having Alice Munro. The last few I read were just un-putdownable. "Act of Faith" and "Doby's Gone" especially.


Okay, I'm going to be late. Got to run.

From: [identity profile]

He is a big, stonking VIRGIN.

Truly a hero Rorschach can look up to! I should catch up on some vintage crazy Ditko...

From: [identity profile]

(I can hook you up later.)

I actually think Rorschach might have one over on Mr. A because Rorschach gets to talk to Daniel and Bernie once in awhile. Mr. A seems to spend his "Rex Graine" time sitting at his desk talking to himself while everybody else at work hates him and secretly plots his destruction.

From: [identity profile]

I honestly don't think you're turning into the Comic Book guy from the Simpsons. He has an air of arrogance that I've never felt in reading your posts.

Plus, you're a lot smarter than him.

Strangely enough, I heard on a podcast that ASBAR is turning into a full on parody of itself and today's comics, mainly because Millar is growing tired of trying to make it serious. I still won't buy it, because of my strict No-Millar-Comic policy.

In short, if there's a Millar involved, I don't buy it.

I also highly recommend Cooke's New Frontier. I wasn't able to get volume 1 of his Spirit, but from all the reviews I've read of WFA, it's pretty awesome. His rendition of Wonder Woman is absolutely god damned fantastic! She stands a full foot over Superman, a true Amazonian! ^^

From: [identity profile]

I actually didn't think I was turning into the CBG, but rather the over-enthusiastic fangirl who burdens all around him with the weight of her spaziness.

[ profile] papajoemambo, who is pretty smart about these things, claims ASBAR has always been a pisstake, but I know now that funny Miller does not usually equal good Miller so ... ehhhh.

I'll put New Frontier on the wishlist.


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