A few days ago, I saw Pineapple Express, which was a LOT of fun. Okay, the "dating a high schooler" subplot made me cringe. (In every scene with her and Seth Rogen I was praying for them to break up.) So much had me hysterical, though. That CAR CHASE. Who knew Harry Osborn could be so funny? He was so great. Mark was right to watch it with me and Dad, too. My Dad's observation when they got lost in the woods actually made me laugh as hard as many parts of the movie.

"These guys are so stupid, but they're stupid enough that it kind of works out for them. It's like my grandmother used to say: God protects fools and drunks."

(Unless they're Anna Faris in Observe and Report. Ha ha haaaaa ... yeah, that's not funny.)

Oh! Then tonight I saw Adventureland. That ... was not the movie I expected. The trailer made it seem like goofy hijinx in a park all the time. It's actually a romantic dramedy with occasional goofy hijinx. It was ... pretty good. All romantic drama and secrets and stuff. I didn't love it, but I enjoyed it. (I wish some things had also been followed through on. Like Joel's story and the story of James' parents -- I think they're kind of lying about the dad's job loss.) Also, the movie was really amusing when I thought of Kristen Stewart's Emily as the dark!, alternate universe twin of Bella Swan. Emily has a bad family life and a new stepparent she doesn't like! Emily dates two guys -- one of them much older than her and the other one a virgin. It's like Bella except Emily drinks and smokes weed and has sex and shit. And she's kind of more likable.


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