So ... I got a lot of books for Hannukah/Christmas now. HOW MANY BOOKS? THIS MANY!

Yeah, my taste is ... odd.

Those books, BTW, are the same amount of reference books I have. And that includes reference books for things that do not need references, like Spider-Man and Sandman comics.

Although it's still not as much as my books I really should finish list, which is kind of embarrassing.

Also got a couple of new things to watch:

Wonder Woman Season One (ROCK!)
3-Disc Anniversary Edition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Shock Treatment (I don't actually expect the latter to be any good, but I asked for this because I wanted an RHPS with special features, and my current copy didn't have any)
The Fall (Dad's idea)
Nocturna (and the soundtrack)
Diamond Daydreams

More exciting than my current watch list of Sabotage and the rest of Maria-sama ga Miteru. (Although I do love the latter. Also, I want a friend like Yoshino. I love how in the first OVA Yumi is invited to a party for the purpose of being humiliated and Yoshino's all "Don't go." Yoshino is awesome. I like the idea of her and Yumi being lesbian BFF.)

Boo, got to go to work, boo ...

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I've watched Perfect Blue at least three times now and still don't understand it, but I love it anyway like the pretentious git I am.

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[digging out retired icons...]

Hee, the Vanderpoel leans more in the a reference aisle (possibly a lifelong companion, if my instructors are to be believed about how long it takes to master human anatomy..)

Hehe, I know what you mean about RHPS ::bought Alien Quadrilogy with Mig knowing full well we'd never watch the fourth movie:: ¦3

Yoshino's consistently great in the third season. :> (Although when she finally gets some screen time, my first thought is always "Wow, TOOK 'em long enough...")

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retired but still loved!

I don't even think I'd get to the THIRD Alien movie. NEWT LIVES.

Yoshino I didn't really pay attention to in the first and second series, but she's really bloomed into a sharp-tongued young lady, which I love.

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I look forward to your opinion of Assassination Vacation. I must admit, as much as I enjoy Sarah Vowell, the reviews put me off reading that one.

Lucky! The only people who gave me books were [ profile] bakayaro_onna and my sister. I went and bought several for myself to make up for the lack. XD

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I'll make a note to review it. I was initially disappointed, but it's started to pick up again.

I actually have some $50 in cash I should spend somewhere ... since I really DON'T need books right now, though, I'm not sure where.


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