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So most of my apartment is cleared out. I have to go back for one more trip, but I'm hoping I can clear up some other things along the way, so that'll be cool.

I also FINALLY got around to playing that Watchmen video game for the cell phone because I'm that behind. Man, that had some bad dialogue. And I had to defeat the final boss (some guy with a bionic arm) twice because the game froze the first time and didn't show me the ending. And bionic arm guy was actually HARD. (Also hate the quicktime events) But ... eh, it was a nice distraction in between chores.

I'm also glad I have my own computer back, anyway. Can't use the Internet on it, but writing in notebooks really sucks so it'll be nice to have my own word program again.

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A guy with a bionic arm? Since when was that even in the original story?

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I know, right? I mean, at least one of the earlier stage bosses was The Big Figure and the rest was all soldiers and tanks in Vietnam (basically you play some levels as Nite Owl and some as The Comedian). But the last boss ... guy with a bionic arm. I don't know. Granted, he probably wasn't active during the police strike but you figure they could have let you fight Moloch or something.

Also, now that I'm thinking about it. They drew Silk Spectre like they'd never seen Malin Akerman's boobs before, too.


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