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Man, is it just me or is Firestar's costume looking really boring lately?

I'm feelin' the rage building around this, although I'm not feeling it for myself. One because my heart has hardened into a black rock of cynicism, but two because I feel like this has been something that's been passed around the Marvel Comics HQ for awhile and it's finally come to fruition just because it's BEEN THERE for awhile. I remember [ profile] papajoemambo suggesting to me that this was an idea they had, although I thought it turned into Alias. I'm guessing they've just gotten stuck on it and want to see it done through hell or highwater, just because it's there. That's probably why the Watchmen movie got made.

But why now, really? I mean, Sex and the City has been off the air for five years now. Combining it with superheroes has already been done and didn't their last sexy girls book with the Black Cat and an underused African-American heroine not do so well and was not helped because Marvel kind of showed it didn't really give a shit what the female audience thought.

I don't know. I kind of say what I've said when I read the horrible Mary Jane novel and the I-remain-unimpressed by it Mary Jane/Mary Jane: Homecoming/Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane series: if I wanted to read romance I would read romance. I mean, I don't think I would love Sex and the City but I figure they know what they're doing.
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