... Okay, so ... we all know this movie isn't good, right? I didn't want to go see it, because I felt bad about rewarding Frank Miller in any way for this, but my boyfriend is like, "But I'm interested! But it should be campy fun! We should go in expecting campy fun."

Well, he was wrong. This movie is not campy fun. This movie is DULL. This movie is TEDIOUS. This movie is BORING. I kept starting to fall asleep around the time Jackson and ScarJo were standing around dressed in Nazi uniforms. Even the stuff that was genuinely funny (like the cloned guys and some of the women's lines) wasn't enough to keep me awake through the boring, boring, boring.

Actually, by the way, the movie's attitude toward women is pretty horrible. And I don't say that because I have a problem with the women being super-hot and in love with The Spirit. I have a problem with the movie starting off with such an obnoxious, asinine phrase like, "My city's not some young, trumped-up whore, she's an old city" (or whatever) and then going downhill from there. But I didn't hate the women in the film as much as I expected to -- in fact, I thought ScarJo was kind of funny in the Nazi scene, even though I couldn't stay awake for it. Same with Eva and that chick who played the Jewish police officer.

But yeah, most of the time: dull. I mean, the movie isn't actually about anything. It's basically, "This is one guy. He fights the other guy. Care about this ... somehow." Blech.

Yeah, anyway: no fun. Don't see it.

Also, Miller, it's one thing to be mean to Eisner but WHAT DID STEVE DITKO EVER DO TO YOU that you needed to reference him in this turd?

Also, you couldn't have used Eisner's art over the end credits? You had to use your own? Blech.


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