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( Apr. 16th, 2009 10:47 am)
RiffTrax is doing Twilight.

From the preview:

RiffTrax was caught up in the Twilight frenzy, and not surprisingly, given that we are staffed almost exclusively by 13 year-old girls. So when we heard rumors of the feature film—the whispers of John Goodman being cast as Edward were especially worrying—we sent so many texts beginning "OMG!!!1!!!!11!!" we nearly shut down our SMS service. At the movie's premiere we were there among the throngs, shrieking with girlish glee when Robert Pattinson got out of his limo (it turns out we had mistakenly gone to the premiere of The Changeling and were actually shrieking for John Malkovich, but the point still stands.) And when it was finally released on DVD we ruined our first three copies by hugging them too much.

This is not allaying my fears that the RiffTrax is going to be "HAW-HAW! Teen girls are so stupid" now. Especially since the RiffTrax is going to be all-guys. I also hated the "'I don't have ...' 'a wang.'" joke. Other bits were funny, but ehhhh ... I hope it doesn't turn into something like this. (And I feel like I'm the only person who hated the latter, as well.)
I can't quite bring myself to write my personal essay despite the dwindling of hours in my day off, (it's nearly four p.m. as I start to write this, now) so I'll talk about RiffTrax to get the juices flowing. (I hope.)

After watching the just-OK RiffTrax for Spider-Man 3, I decided I wanted to try the RiffTrax for some other titles. I eventually ended up going with Saw and Eragon because that's what Blockbuster had available. I bought the RiffTrax, waited three days and wondered why the order was still "pending" for all that time, emailed tech support and got a nice email apology back saying that they were having issues with PayPal but everything should be OK now. It was. And I watched.

Saw & Eragon on (RiffTrax) -- SPOILERS )


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