Fuck that stupid, slut-shaming turd of a book.

Longer review later.

From: [identity profile] 47nite.livejournal.com

Haha. Hope no dollars were harmed in the making of this review. ^^;

From: [identity profile] quietprofanity.livejournal.com

Hee. Actually, no. It was a bookmooched book.

Although the book got me so mad I bought an old classic today and think I'm going to appreciate it more, now. I'll explain further in the longer review.

From: [identity profile] 47nite.livejournal.com

To be fair, if I do spend money on a book, I'll be sure to share it with as many people as possible (well, unless I find out it SUCKED, then maybe I shouldn't subject you to its horrors...) ^^;

From: [identity profile] big-wired.livejournal.com

Wow, this is going to be... umm... intense, and most likely justified.


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